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Shubham Jaiswal

Shubham Jaiswal is a Nagpur-based Technical Consultant at Perficient, he is passionate about embracing new technologies. In his free time, Shubham indulges in exploring the intricacies of Salesforce. He is a Quality analyst and loves cooking and traveling.

Blogs from this Author

Artificial Intelligence Concept Cpu Quantum Computing

Demystifying LangChain: A Brief Introduction and Implementation Overview

Introduction LangChain represents an open-source framework that aims to streamline the development of applications leveraging large language models (LLMs). Its primary objective is to establish a standardized interface for chains, boasting numerous integrations with various tools, and offering end-to-end chains for frequently encountered applications. This platform facilitates AI developers in constructing applications that amalgamate Large […]

Beautiful Landscape Contained Photo Frame

Enhancing Content Efficiency with Smart Crop in AEM

In today’s digital landscape, captivating visuals play a pivotal role in engaging online audiences. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a robust content management system, offers a wide array of powerful features to streamline content creation and delivery. Among these features, Smart Crop functionality is a valuable tool for optimizing and automating image cropping to fit various […]