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Mike Panzarella

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Perficient’s Top 5 Fintech Posts of 2013

A lot has happened in the banking and financial services world this year. From the debates over a potential digital wallet revolution to the proliferation of mobile devices and big data – there was a lot to discuss! Here’s a look back at five of our top posts covering financial services technology trends and challenges.  […]

Hot Topics at Bank Innovation: Digital, Analytics & CX

This coming Monday I’ll be at Bank Innovation as a panelist talking about best practices and new product strategies for banking leaders and technologists as advocates for  innovation at the product management level.  As a technology solution and service provider focused on the financial services industry, we work hand-in-hand with many banks, emerging payment providers, and […]

The Truth About Mobile Offers and Rewards

2013 has been touted by many Payment Pundits (including us right here on the Perficient FS blog) as “The Year of Mobile”.   While many articles and posts have been written about what mobile banking should be, I wanted to take a moment to caution what it might become. We all know the feeling of checking […]

Banking Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2013

2012 has come to a close and it’s the start of a new year. On a personal level many of us may have established New Year’s Resolutions. From career goals and fitness goals to saving more money or kicking bad habits – we all want to start the year off right. Executive leaders in financial services and […]

Social Listening Helps Banks Find Value in Information

Bank Marketing Buzzword of the Year – Big Data One of the hottest terms in IT circles during the past 2 years has been “big data”.  While many pundits will tell you that big data is all about processing data that has a combination of Volume, Velocity and Variety for everything from log file management […]

Demystifying Big Data for Financial Services

Many of our customers tell us they have Big Data initiatives under way or are planning them in the near future.  Like the terms “CRM” or “Web 2.0” the term “Big Data” means many things to many people.  Along with all the hype around Big Data, there is also some doubt amongst financial institutions.   As experts […]

Customer Segmentation: Digging Out of the “Free” Service Expectation

World Class Service, for Free! Those of us in the banking industry that have been around a little while can remember the days when customers routinely paid for the services they consumed.  It seems shocking to the average banking consumer today, but checking wasn’t always free, paying bills meant buying stamps and writing checks(which  they […]

Where’s Waldo? The Case for Enterprise Content Management

To coopt a phrase from a popular children’s book and game series, “Where’s Waldo?”  This simple question along with the ever present who, what, when and why, are often answered with inconsistent or incomplete responses in Enterprise data.   As companies have merged, acquired and grown, many times it’s virtually impossible to get an answer to […]

Mortgaging Customer Goodwill

Almost every week we see another story in the national press about how “unfeeling banks” are  foreclosing  on a homeowner over an 80 cent payment error, or foreclosing on a house the bank doesn’t even own. After several social media blogs, several thousand tweets and retweets (with fiery commentary) and various news networks report the […]

The Bold New World of Mobile Payments

Imagine a stressed out holiday shopper rushing to make last minute purchases in a busy suburban shopping mall. As the shopper reaches the final checkout of the day to buy the newest gaming console for her son, the total displayed on the register is over her budget.  Determined to buy the item, the shopper lifts […]