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Perficient’s Top 5 Fintech Posts of 2013

A lot has happened in the banking and financial services world this year. From the debates over a potential digital wallet revolution to the proliferation of mobile devices and big data – there was a lot to discuss! Here’s a look back at five of our top posts covering financial services technology trends and challenges. top-5-288x300

Banking Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2013 – Mike Panzarella

Was your organization successful at executing on it’s 2013 banking strategies? Take a look back at Perficient’s predictions and rate your business’s performance in each of these areas.

What Tablet Growth Means for Your 2013 Banking Services Strategy – Abbey Smalley

The rate at which tablets and phones are being sold is staggering. People are moving to this new generation of architecture very quickly. With that must come a whole new generation of apps and functions. How has the tablet trend impacted your bank’s development strategy?

Systems of Engagement are Key Enablers for Omnibanking – Elizabeth Dias

To take the omni-channel experience to the next level in financial services, organizations must create ‘systems of engagement’ and maximize value at every customer touchpoint to create that seamless experience.

6 Key Payment Strategies for Success – Elizabeth Dias

The mobile payments space is experiencing unprecedented growth as consumers continue to seek better ways to shop, make payments and manage their money. A shift towards having an app-driven mindset has forced industry leaders to adopt more innovative practices to improve engagement and strengthen customer ties with payment strategies. Look ahead to 2014 with these 6 key payment strategies for success.

The Great Debate: The Future of the Bank BranchAndrew Bolt

The ongoing debate of what the future bank branch will look like (if one will even exist by 2020) is interesting. Perficient weighs in on the subject with two points of view (one from the financial institution and the other as a consumer). What do you think the future of banking will look like?

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