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Martin Miles

Martin is a Sitecore Expert and .NET technical solution architect involved in producing enterprise web and mobile applications, with 20 years of overall commercial development experience. Since 2010 working exclusively with Sitecore as a digital platform. With excellent knowledge of XP, XC, and SaaS / Cloud offerings from Sitecore, he participated in more than 20 successful implementations, producing user-friendly and maintainable systems for clients. Martin is a prolific member of the Sitecore community. He is the author and creator of the Sitecore Link project and one of the best tools for automating Sitecore development and maintenance - Sifon. He is also the founder of the Sitecore Discussion Club and, co-organizer of the Los Angeles Sitecore user group, creator of the Sitecore Telegram channel that has brought the best insight from the Sitecore world since late 2017.

Blogs from this Author

Silhouette Of Man Holding Binoculars On Mountain Peak Against Bright Sunlight Sky Background.

Implementing Composable Search for Your Site: Sitecore Search [Part 4]

Sitecore Search is a new composable SaaS offering released recently that is based on the acquired product called Reflection, built on top of ElasticSearch. Sitecore Search is impressively fast, with standards set to be under half of a second roundtrip timeline. Almost all interaction with it and configuration is dome from UI, the coding aspect […]

Coveo Search

Implementing Composable Search for Your Site: Coveo [Part 3]

Coveo has been used with Sitecore for a while, as has proven its strength through various frameworks such as Coveo Hive¬†which has been the traditional approach to creating Coveo-powered solutions in Sitecore for years. With the recent boost of composable and headless solutions, Hive became the legacy and Coveo has to come up with a […]

Shot Of An Unrecognizable Businessman Working On His Laptop In The Office

Implementing Composable Search for Your Site: SearchStax Studio [Part 2]

In part 1 we considered options of implementing a unified search by our own means and effort of implementing it into our head application. This post will highlight how it compares with the offering from SearchStax, known as SearchStax Studio. And due to SearchStax being provided as a part of Sitecore Managed Cloud, this option […]

Binoculars On Top Of Rock Mountain At Beautiful Sunset Background.

Implementing Composable Search for Your Site: Manual DIY Approach [Part 1]

Over the past decade, we used to rely on old good ContentSearch API, but sadly or not – it will not stay with us on a journey to a bright and shiny composable world. In this blog post, we’ll compare the alternatives to it and help you choose the one that better suits your requirements. […]

XM Cloud Components with external data

XM Cloud Components with data from Content Hub One with zero code: what a boost of productivity!

Amazing how these two play so well together! XM Cloud Components app brings a new revolutionary approach to building your pixel-perfect UI, with a rich toolset that covers almost any needs. With a Datasource feature, it can consume data structures of any complexity and so easily map fields from it to your bespoke front end. […]

content management and import with Authoring GraphQL API

XM Cloud: a modern way to content management and import with Authoring GraphQL API

When it comes to content management, how would you deal with automating it? You’ve probably thought of Data Exchange Framework for setting up content import from external sources on a regular basis, or Sitecore PowerShell Extensions as the universal Swiss Army knife that allows doing everything. Sitecore XM Cloud is a modern SaaS solution and […]

Rendering Host with Xm Cloud

Not just Next.js! Making XM Cloud work with .NET Core Headless Renderings

Next.js is a wonderful framework and paired with its vendor platform (Vercel) it indeed provides exceptional capabilities for building natively headless applications. That unfortunately shadows out another great SDK for headless implementations – .NET Core Renderings, which in my opinion is undervalued. So, I decided to give it some more care by making it work […]


Why I Think SUGCON is the Best Sitecore Event

I have some excellent news, so please make sure you read to the end. But to start with, let me share a story of mine with you. It was 2016 when I made my first trip to SUGCON which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was the first time I met the global Sitecore community […]

Google Analytics 4

Deep Dive into Google Analytics 4

Over the past several months I start receiving messages from Google announcing its deprecation of Universal Analytics in favor of Analytics 4 from July 1, 2023 (and Analytics 360 got an additional 3 months beyond that date until October 1, 2023). The new tool, the company claims, has more power to measure many different types […]

Tunneling out Sitecore 10.3 from a local machine containers for a global access

Tunneling out Sitecore 10.3 from a Local Machine Containers for a Global Access

I am experiencing an urgent request to prepare a Sitecore instance for the test of some external tools our prospect partners making demos for us. In good times, I’d, of course, spin up a proper PaaS / Kubernetes environment; however, for my particular task, that would be serious overkill; I occasionally don’t get access to […]

Dominik Luckmann Sinhltqouek Unsplash

LTSC2022 images for Sitecore containers released: what does it mean to me?

Exciting news! Sitecore kept the original promise and released the new ltsc2022 container images for all the topologies of both the 10.3 and 10.2 versions of their platform. The biggest benefits of new images are improved image sizes – almost 50% smaller than ltsc2019, and support for running Process Isolation on Windows 11. Check it […]

Feedback and Afterthoughts

Content Hub ONE Full Review in Action – Feedback and Afterthoughts (part 3 / 3)

Content Hub ONE developers did a great job in such a short time. However, from my point of view, there are a few issues that make it hard to use this platform in its current stage for commercial usage. Let’s take a look at them. Content Part 1: Mastering Content Part 2: Developing Client App […]

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