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Megan Jensen represents Perficient at SUGCON Europe 2024

Mj Knows Sitecore

SUGCON 2024 is coming!

Some of you involved into Sitecore community have come across of Megan Jensen‘s catchy personal branding – “MJ Knows Sitecore” (and she indeed knows it!). This year Megan will prove that to the entire community by presenting her topic “Optimizing for Headless: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Special Considerations for the New Composable World” at the event’s Marketing track.

MJ goes to SUGCON

Here’s what Megan going to present from the big stage at the conference:

One of a marketer’s worst nightmares is launching a gorgeous new website and watching in horror as the page rank and traffic plummet- something that can take a lot of time and work to recover from. With the dawn of Headless Architecture and Composable DXPs, the rules of optimizing a site have fundamentally changed. It’s crucial for both marketers and developers to understand how to maximize search engine page rank, site speed, performance, organic traffic, and user satisfaction. Headless is truly a game-changer with a lot of SEO upsides and crazy fast Lighthouse speeds. Now it’s time to revisit and modernize the guidelines and best practices we’ve been implementing for years. I will also share what you need to know for successful SEO when you build with Sitecore’s DXP products like Content Hub DAM, Content Hub One, Personalize, Order Cloud, and more.

The whole agenda is available from the SUGCON Europe website.

I always claimed SUGCON being the best community events in the Sitecore ecosystem. This year I plan to attend this event and here’s my proposed track of sessions suitable for a techie like myself:

Thursday April 11th

1. Opening Key Note by Dave O’Flanagan, a new CEO of Sitecore.

2. Elevating Digital Experiences with XM Cloud in the DXP Landscape by Pieter Brinkman.

  1. The next session is not disclosed and kept in secret. Well, let it be – I’ll share what was that afterwards.

4. The Future of Developer Experience by Liz Nelson. I absolutely adore Liz’s narrative and how she approaches the topics. Liz presented twice at Sitecore Headless Development User Group and each of her presentations were so fundamental!

5. Achieving Behavioral Personalization with XM Cloud Plus by Dylan Young. I can hardly miss any presentation related to XM Cloud.

6. Journey to the Other Side: Transitioning to Sitecore NextJs Framework by Jeroen Speldekamp and Frank van Rooijen.

7. It is all about APIs by Alex Doroshenko. Alex is the key professional standing behind Sitecore Demo Team for years, so he definitely knows all the nuances of the APIs and the caveats of integrations between them

Friday April 12th

9. Unveiling the future of Platform DXP and Managed Cloud by Colin te Kempel and Peter Kapsopoulos.

10. Building for Resiliency by Andy Cohen. I simply cannot miss a session from the architect of XM Cloud, especially taken into account how expressive Andy is as a presenter.

11. Sitecore Headless Software Development Kit for Astro by Anton Tishchenko.

12. I have XM Cloud why do I need Personalize? by Sarah O’Reilly. Previously I learnt a lot from Sarah’s videos on CDP and Personalize products and definitely the expectations bar is very high for this session.

13. Risk scenarios and how to secure webhooks in XM Cloud using Auth0 by OKTA by Sandeep Pote. Used to work with Sandeep once in past together, and I remember him very attentive to the details. That is especially important when goes along security and authentication.

14. Composable Search with Edge Webhooks and GraphQL by Chris Sulham. Chris is awesome presenter, I was his room captain at SUGCON NA 2023 and that was one of the brightest presentations we had at that event. Also it was the highest knowledge density I could ever receive in just 45 minutes. Definitely looking forward to it!

15. A Game of Publishing: Sitecore’s Publishing Vision by Ivan Lieckens. Who knows Sitecore products and integrations better than Ivan? This is my “must” session, as I expect to learn a lot of technical nuances from there.

16. Sitecore Search in the world of NextJs and DevOps by Sebastian Winslow and Jesper Balle. Search is the most vibrant SaaS product  from Sitecore (well, probably after XM Cloud itself), we already have a successful implementation with it, but the product is very much configurable and there’s so much more to learn.

17. How we migrated 7 sites in 6 weeks to XM Cloud and Netlify by Katharina Luger and Emanuel Popescu. While the MVC legacy remains heavy in he volumes, migration is the mostly curious topic these days. Once upon a time, I used to work with Emanuel and am very curious to learn from his experience.

18. Walk down memory lane with Klaus Petersen.

This list looks as an impressive blast of knowledge I am anticipating to learn from the top leaders of the industry. Last but not least, I am anticipating to meet plenty of my mates from the community and have discussions about everything around Sitecore industry.


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