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Driving Results with Business Goals, KPIs, and Analytics

In today’s overwhelmingly digital world, it is increasingly difficult for brands to hone in on website goals and objectives that truly drive their business forward. There can be additional challenges when the business’ website data is not accurately tracked or, in some cases, there is an overwhelming amount of data to filter through. Establishing analytics […]

Adobe Attribution IQ – The Next Level of Attribution

The customer journey to conversion is becoming even more unpredictable, non-linear, and includes more cross-device touchpoints than ever before. Brands are often challenged with selecting the best media spend mix and have difficulty understanding the impact of each channel across the customer journey. As Adobe shared in its recent Attribution IQ Solution Partner Webinar, the […]

Google Attribution – When Last Touch Won’t Cut It

Is your business hungry to go beyond last touch in their channel attribution modeling, including a side of cross-device attribution while integrating with both AdWords and DoubleClick Search? We all know dessert, or the last touchpoint (conversion), is the best part of a meal, but it’s very important that we recognize and appreciate the appetizer […]

Data Maintenance: How to Identify Trends and Derive Insights

Now that you’ve learned how to detect issues regarding data quality, it is equally important to maintain a high standard of quality to avoid future issues. Welcome to part 3 of this analytics series, where we will discuss the best practices and preventive measures for maintaining relevant data, so you can successfully identify trends and […]