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Devin Ingersoll

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Data Migration Steps for Moving to Salesforce Lightning Knowledge

How Do I Migrate to Lightning Knowledge with Multiple Article Types in My Org? As mentioned in my previous blog, Salesforce tends to recommend Lightning Knowledge for new customers or customers with only one article type in their org.  However, just because you don’t exactly meet the ideal criteria doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t […]

A Salesforce Classic to Lightning Knowledge Readiness Deep Dive

In the Spring ’17 release, Knowledge had its beta debut in Lightning but with the latest release (Summer ’17) it is officially generally available (GA). As of right now, Knowledge is available in both Classic and Lightning Experience; but it is a great time to evaluate if you’re ready to enable Lightning Knowledge in your […]

Wave App for Service – #DF16

I had the opportunity to attend the Intro to Wave for Service session yesterday and left feeling inspired! Veracore spoke alongside Salesforce to share their own success story using Wave for Service. Working with their partner, they were able to consolidate 400 reports (I repeat, 400 reports!) into a single dashboard within Wave. If that doesn’t […]

Three Service Console Updates to Keep It Fresh for Agents

Salesforce does a fantastic job of constantly pushing out enhancements, but we know that it’s sometimes tough to keep up with it all.  Here are three easy Service Console updates in Service Cloud that will certainly make your support reps happy! #1 Get Rid of the Highlight Panel Why? Well because they take up a lot […]