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Wave App for Service – #DF16

I had the opportunity to attend the Intro to Wave for Service session yesterday and left feeling inspired! Veracore spoke alongside Salesforce to share their own success story using Wave for Service. Working with their partner, they were able to consolidate 400 reports (I repeat, 400 reports!) into a single dashboard within Wave. If that doesn’t motivate you to check Wave for Service out, I’m not sure what will!

Here are a few of the features that I found most interesting:

You can easily report on trends over time
Gone are the days of using Snapshots or excel to report on this data. Now you can do it all directly within Salesforce! Wave allows for trend reporting out of the box. You can use the historical analysis to track trends over time that may drive channel optimization or agent efficiencies.

As a Service Manager, you can get a comprehensive view of your team’s performance

  • Wave allows you to gain insight into channel optimization and call center efficiencies. For example, you can do a side-by-side comparison of CSAT scores and Average Case Handle Time to derive valuable insights that you can’t easily see with standard reports and dashboards.
  • You can evaluate a single rep’s performance across case segmentations. This way, you can easily identify areas of focus to improve on as part of your mentorship programs with your reps.
  • Bonus points: Manager dashboards are also available in mobile, so you’re never left without your KPIs.

You can instantly take action from the point of insight

You can take actions on any of the records you’re looking at right from a Wave dashboard. For example, if you notice there’s an outlying case that has stayed open for much longer than average, you can decide to Post directly to that Case to request a follow-up.

You can embed Wave Analytics into the Service Console
For example, I can pull a “Similar Cases” component into the sidebar of the Case to give reps the ability to see metrics like average handle time for similar cases. This way they can check out the resolutions proposed on these previously worked cases.

Service Agents – No more surprises when you meet with your manager
As of Winter ’16 you have your own agent dashboard that gives you easy access to your KPIs. You could even compare your KPIs to the team’s average to see how you’re doing.

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