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#DF14 Video Roundup: Community Cloud with Constant Contact

For those that weren’t lucky enough to attend this year’s Dreamforce conference – check out this great session we co-presented with our client, Constant Contact, on their implementation of Community Cloud. The video clocks in at about 35 minutes but with best practices on migrating from portals, screenshots of a real community, and some great lessons […]

Chatter Roadmap – The Future of the Feed

At a recent partner event here in San Francisco – I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Chatter/Communities roadmap for Winter ’15 and beyond. A new feature “Recommendations in the Feed” got me thinking about some very interesting long term possibilities for Chatter and Communities. The Feature Recommendations in Winter ’15 are going […]

Customer Experience: Don’t Ask, Know!

Having worked with clients across industries and around the world – one thing about customer service is clear: the more you know about your customers and their experience, the better you can anticipate and serve their needs. I’m sure you’ll agree that as a customer, it feels good to be acknowledged by name and appreciated […]

Summer ’14 Release – Top 5 Service Cloud & Communities Features

It’s that time again! Summer ’14 release is almost here and after firing up a brand new pre-release org and reading through the notes, here is my take on the top 5 new features for Service Cloud and Communities.              

Service Cloud and JIRA – Connector Roundup

Making it easy for support teams to escalate issues and collaborate with engineering is one of the most common requirements we hear during Service Cloud implementations. More often than not – the engineering or development teams are using JIRA to track issues and manage the product backlog. So how do you connect Service Cloud with […]

The Next Generation of Caller ID

While CTI technology in recent years (especially Salesforce’s Open CTI platform) has helped make the phone experience more intelligent for customers and agents, a new service from NextCaller aims to turn the traditional concept of caller ID on its head. NextCaller is the most recent in a trend of new services (similar to Datacoup and others) that offer […]

Best Way to Improve CSAT? Respect Your Customers!

We believe that demonstrating respect for your customers is the best way to keep them happy and engaged. But what does “demonstrating respect” mean in the context of customer support? It could translate to, Being transparent about your policies and acknowledging issues when they arise Providing customers with valuable self-help resources so they are empowered […]

3 B2C Support Trends & Lessons Learned

With hundreds of implementations under our collective belt, Perficient’s Service Cloud Practice has worked with an incredible range of companies, business models, and end customers. Being data nerds at heart, we’re always on the lookout for trends and patterns among this diverse group. Clients like Activision, Minted, Kabam, and Twitter have taught us that much like […]

Making Search Work in Communities – Part 2

If you saw our overview post last week on making search work in Communities – you’re probably looking for more info on each option. Here at Perficient we believe that “seeing is believing”. For each search option covered in our previous post, here are some screenshots and details to help you figure out which option […]

Making Search Work in Communities – Part 1

A vibrant community with an engaged user base will usually contain an incredible amount of valuable content. But as content grows, how do users get connected with the right article that answers their question (in a service community), or the right piece of enablement content that helps them sell (in sales community)? The preferred option […]

3 Ways Makes Communities Better

As an implementation partner, we really enjoy working with the Communities platform. The built in collaboration with Chatter and the flexibility of configuration make Communities a major upgrade over traditional portals. But today I’m going to highlight another key benefit of that platform: branding and design with Salesforce is free to use with […]

Spring ’14 Release – 5 New Killer Service Cloud Features

Admins, Support Managers, and Agents rejoice! The Spring ’14 Release is PACKED with Service Cloud goodness so I wanted to share my picks for the most interesting/useful features. Of course, you can also read through the entire 325 pages of Release Notes if you love geeking out on new features like I do. Business Hours […]

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