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Best Way to Improve CSAT? Respect Your Customers!

We believe that demonstrating respect for your customers is the best way to keep them happy and engaged. But what does “demonstrating respect” mean in the context of customer support? It could translate to,

  • Being transparent about your policies and acknowledging issues when they arise
  • Providing customers with valuable self-help resources so they are empowered to solve their own problems
  • Guiding customers to the right support channel based on their issue and need
  • Bringing support to your customers, wherever they are (in your product or on mobile devices)

Turning these scenarios into reality often requires both a smart use of technology AND a clear organizational policy built on mutual respect. Today I’m going to showcase a company that has implemented an innovative blend of technology and policy to great success.


Riot Games is the Los Angeles based developer of the free-to-play online game “League of Legends”. With over 27 million players daily, it makes sense that “Player Experience First” is the #1 tenet of their manifesto.

Riot has taken a common challenge faced by many companies (reports of abusive behavior/language) and demonstrated incredible respect for their player base by building The Tribunal.


When a player is frequently reported by other players for abusive behavior, a tribunal case is automatically created. Other players then review the case and pass judgement (pardon or punish). Riot has offered incentives in the past for passing judgement, but many players participate because they care about the quality of the community.

By building The Tribunal system Riot has,

  • Demonstrated respect for their players by trusting them to review cases and pass judgement
  • Saved an incredible amount of time for their customer support team (they no longer need to review these cases)
  • Helped capture and keep an 80% share of all gamers in their space

This blend of innovative technology and policy is a win-win situation, and something that many companies could benefit from emulating, regardless of industry.

It’s just like any successful relationship, don’t just tell your customers they are #1, show them why!

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