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Anne Pizzini

Anne Pizzini is a Senior Business Consultant in Chicago focused on marketing technology and personalization. She has a strong core interest in data and advancing technology and a passion for supporting companies in digital business transformation. She enjoys bridging her technical knowledge and business background to provide unique perspectives for emerging innovation.

Blogs from this Author

Young Caucasian Female Programmer In Glasses Writes Program Code On A Laptop

Want to Improve as a Product Manager in Technology? Take a Coding Class.

“Java is to JavaScript what car is to Carpet.” – Chris Heilmann   I have always considered myself to be a “non-technical” person. In my role, I could comfortably explain the product, but never enough to do any development. However, one day an itch of curiosity occurred after seeing my developer write a line of […]

What Rises from the Ashes of 3rd Party Cookies

In 2020, Google broke digital marketing. Okay, broke is a tad dramatic. However, the news to purge 3rd party cookies did leave many digital marketers in shock. Soon after, Apple announced a shift to focus on protecting consumer privacy and eliminating IDFA and Safari’s use of cookies. The end felt near. Yet, the chaos brought […]