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Achal Kavitkar

Achal Kavitkar works at Perficient as Associate Technical Consultant. She is passionate about work and learning new technologies. She has a firm understanding of technologies like Snowflake, Matillion ETL tools, Python, and SQL.

Blogs from this Author


 Creating a Matillion account: Guide

Let’s Begin!!! The creation of your Matillion ETL Journey There are two ways to create matillion instance. Matillion Account Snowflake Partner Connect First, create a Matillion Free Trail account on Matillion Hub here. (Note: Matillion account required organization domain ID. It will not allow a free domain ID like or Matillion will send you a […]

Data Warehouse 886x590

Deep Dive into Data Warehouse Concepts..!

What is data warehouse? Data warehouse is a relational database designed for analytical needs. It is the act of organizing and storing data in a way to make its retrieval efficient and insightful. It is also called as the process of transforming data into information. Its functions based on OLAP (Online analytical processing). It is […]


Introduction to Matillion ETL

What is ETL and how it works? ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.  It is the process in which data is extracted from different sources and transformed into proper format. Data management plays the important role as it improves the productivity, reduces error, strengthens operational efficiency, minimizes data loss, and improves security. There are […]