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Amanda Bobel

Amanda is a Conversion Strategist with experience at both creative and digital agencies. She works on the Digital Marketing team and loves optimizing everything she gets her hands on.

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Sitecore A/B Testing

VIDEO: Conversion Optimization and Sitecore

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ve heard about this Conversion Optimization thing before, but I’m not sure how to get started with it…?” If this thought has ever crossed your mind, then you’re in luck! As a Senior Conversion Strategist, it’s my job to help our customers determine the tools and strategies needed for […]

Types of Qualitative Data Reports and Identifying A/B Test Ideas

Have you ever wondered how visitors actually interact with your website? While analyzing your quantitative data is vital for understanding the numeric impact, we also need to understand the qualities of our consumers, or, the qualitative data. In previous posts about improving your website and increasing conversions, we briefly discussed how to identify A/B test ideas. Today, […]

Quick Do’s and Don’ts for Analyzing Data

So, you have a quantitative and qualitative tool on your website. Great!  Now what?  What do you do with a plethora of numbers, percentages, heatmaps and visitor responses?  You start digging, analyzing, and uncovering what’s happening on your website.  But how do you go about this? Here’s are some key Do’s and Don’ts for how to […]

Our Milwaukee Office: Brewers Fans & Cheese-Themed Meeting Rooms

When you hear Wisconsin, you probably think of our sports teams (Go Pack Go!), cheeses, and miles upon miles of farmland. But nestled in the southeastern corner of the state is Milwaukee, known for Summerfest, Harley Davidson, MillerCoors, and fried cheese curds (if you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out on a true Wisconsin delicacy!). […]

Beware of Conversion Killers

So you want to start optimizing your website through A/B testing. That’s wonderful news! Your first thought should be, “Where do I start?” While diving into your qualitative and quantitative data is essential to a successful testing program, there are some known “conversion killers” that you can fix and/or test right away. Though tricky to […]

Optimize and Analyze with Google Optimize 360

Test. Adapt. Personalize.  With the recent announcement of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google promises easy-to-use experimentation with Google Optimize 360. Aimed to help optimize and personalize customer experiences from device to device, this product could very well be the game-changer we have all been waiting for.  When combined with the rest of the 360 Suite, […]

Are You Converting Prospects Into Customers?

By now, you’ve probably heard of or seen some of these digital acronyms: SEM, PPC, SEO, CTA, ROAS…CRO?   CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization, is, simply put, the process of turning potential customers into customers, and then turning those customers into repeat customers.  Breaking it down a little more, a conversion occurs when a user […]