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Optimize and Analyze with Google Optimize 360

Test. Adapt. Personalize.  With the recent announcement of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google promises easy-to-use experimentation with Google Optimize 360. Aimed to help optimize and personalize customer experiences from device to device, this product could very well be the game-changer we have all been waiting for.  When combined with the rest of the 360 Suite, marketers will be able to see detailed insights into users’ behaviors, allowing you to show your customers a personalized and memorable experience from the moment they land on your site.
How will it compare?
While this product is still in Beta, it will be interesting to see how Google Optimize 360 compares to other A/B and multivariate testing and personalization tools from key providers such as Optimizely and Adobe Target. While Google has offered a testing platform previously, this new tool has the potential to compete directly with Optimizely and Adobe Target. However, because Google has the ability to easily integrate into all its other product offerings, this tool will not only gain popularity, it will do so in a short amount of time. As more companies start to utilize the full potential of this suite, we will soon see how this offering stacks up.
Google Analytics 360 Suite_Image
A Quick Glance at the Google Analytics 360 Suite
While Google Optimize 360 is an exciting part of the new offering from Google, it is only one piece of the puzzle.  As a whole, Google now offers six products as part of this suite, and enterprise marketers everywhere are waiting to realize its full potential.  The six products that make up the Google Analytics 360 Suite are:

  • Analytics 360: Analytics 360 is a rebranded version of Google Premium
  • Tag Manager 360: Tag Manager 360 is an enterprise level version of Google Tag Manager
  • Optimize 360 (Beta): Optimize 360 is a new A/B & multivariate testing and personalization tool
  • Attribution 360: Attribution 360 is a rebranded version of Adometry (acquired in 2014)
  • Audience Center 360 (Beta): Audience Center 360 is a data management platform that will allow marketers to organize data from all of your data sources
  • Data Studio 360 (Beta): Powered by BigQuery, Data Studio 360 is where marketers can visualize and analyze all of their data using easy to read reports

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