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Types of Qualitative Data Reports and Identifying A/B Test Ideas

Have you ever wondered how visitors actually interact with your website? While analyzing your quantitative data is vital for understanding the numeric impact, we also need to understand the qualities of our consumers, or, the qualitative data. In previous posts about improving your website and increasing conversions, we briefly discussed how to identify A/B test ideas. Today, we’ll look at specific types of qualitative data reports and how to use them to generate even more A/B test ideas.
Heatmaps & Scrollmaps
Heatmaps and scrollmaps provide actual click and scroll data on individual pages. Heatmaps show how often visitors click on specific page elements while scrollmaps show how much of the page a visitor sees. When it comes to A/B testing, this data is used to make page layout or verbiage change recommendations, including moving content farther up on the page or changing words on calls-to-action.
User Recordings
Have you ever wanted to see what a visitor’s actual time on site looks like? With user recordings, eliminate the mystery and finally observe where visitors click, their paths, and if they get stuck during their browsing process. Knowing where they encounter issues is a great place to start building your testing roadmap.

Poll and Survey Responses
It’s one thing to make assumptions about how visitors feel during their time on your website, and another to actually know. Polls and surveys are great tools for gathering first-person responses and uncover feedback and potential issues that you might not have found until it was too late.
Form Drop-off Reports
Think you might be losing potential customers because you have too many form fields on your lead generation or checkout page?  With form drop-off reports, you can see which form fields have the highest drop-off rates and then run A/B tests to either change the layouts or eliminate fields for an easier user experience.
These are just a few of the types of qualitative data reports out there that provide powerful insights into your users’ behaviors. Combining this data with your quantitative data provides a behavioral and numerical understanding of what visitors do on your site, where they struggle, and how you can potentially run A/B test to solve the issues.

Interested in Learning More About These Reports?
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