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A Recap on WiT India Events in 2023

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Here comes 2024 with a power start and to set the ground for 2024 what else could be better than a quick recap of year 2023 for Women in Tech in India! 

WiT ERG was introduced in India offices in 2022, and over the course of time, our efforts were dedicated to curating and bringing forth impactful events that resonate with each member of the WiT community. On celebrating the 2nd anniversary of WiT ERG, the WiT India chapter was introduced. By fostering collaborative relationships with teams in Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore and Pune, WiT India has been able to host events that not only offer creative freedom but have also reached out to larger audiences, drawing speakers from across all the GDCs, allowing us to make a substantial mark in the WiT India journey. Demonstrating remarkable growth, WiT India has been organizing a diverse range of events since its introduction, on various important topics. Let’s relish the glimpses of the events that we had under WiT India so far: 

Our very first session of the year 2023, “Foster your Professional Presence, focused on the importance of having the right skills and qualifications in today’s professional landscape. It highlighted the significance of fostering a strong professional presence by our speaker, Sulogna Gupta. Check out more details in the event blog in link above.  

We celebrated International Women’s Day in March, coinciding with WiT’s 1st Anniversary in Chennai and Nagpur. Both offices had their celebrations in their respective GDCs. In Nagpur, our featured guest, Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal’s presentation about “Financial Independence,” appeared to have made a significant impact, encouraging us to consider financial planning and its broader influence.

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As for Chennai, the WiT team organized a “Wall of Expression,” inviting all the colleagues to share their thoughts, talents, and emotions. The Wall was full of creativity as, some shared pictures of their family, friends, and colleagues; some used this opportunity to express their support, admiration, and gratitude towards women.

As the sun’s warm embrace ushers in the much-awaited summer season, Chennai GDC held an interesting event in the month of May for children and parents alike: Summer Camp. The Summer Camp in Chennai was 2 days event.

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“On the Same Page” was the second and virtual PAN India event that took place in May. We took a fun ride, delighted our book readers, and enlightened others to read in our next event. “On the Same Page” featured four bibliophiles who shared their good reads through fun presentations. Nancy Shukla, Sneha Annadurai, Ashish Pachpor, and Jagabathula Gowtham’s efforts proved successful and were worth celebrating. 

June was a month packed with exciting events for WiT India. One of the standout moments was the second event of the month, titled “Thriving Minds, Thriving Works: Integrating Mental Health and Productivity.” This in-person event brought together all the colleagues at Nagpur to explore the vital connection between mental well-being and workplace productivity. Dr. Neha Bhave Salonkar and Ms. Anagha Bhave began the session with an engaging activity to gauge the audience’s stress levels and their efforts toward improving their mental health. Through real-life examples and case studies, they helped the audience connect with their everyday challenges as well as providing practical solutions that everyone could incorporate into their lives. At the end of their sessions, attendees were left with armed formulas and strategies to manage and reduce everyday stress, ensuring they could thrive both personally and professionally. 

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June 21st is celebrated as International Yoga Day. The Chennai and Bangalore teams took a great initiative in organizing a Yoga workshop for their colleagues. For both teams, the session started with simple breathing exercises and gradually moved to exercises with complex postures.


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In August, WiT India brought a brand-new session centered around the theme Inspiring the next generation of Female Leaders”. This event was virtual PAN India event. As the speaker for this event, Shahnaaz Azeez brought valuable knowledge and expertise, offering inspiration and guidance to all attendees.


In September, WiT India, in collaboration with ASCI, hosted “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth – Chapter 3,” featuring Jennifer Rostal and facilitated by Malvika Malviya. Jennifer about how to create a foundation to build a good career by identifying our area of interest. Towards the end, she enlightened everyone by sharing how one should build one’s personal brand by making oneself visible, volunteering for committees, becoming a speaker in events and creating work groups.

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In November, WiT ERG India and Perficient GDC Nagpur together celebrated International Men’s Day at Nagpur and Pune offices. This was an occasion to celebrate men’s lives, which are dedicated to society, community, family, marriage, childcare, and the environment. Anurag Shivhare, General Manager, GDC Nagpur, delivered a session on “Healthy Men, Healthy World,” encapsulating the idea that men’s well-being contributes to society’s overall health and prosperity. Kapil Khadgi, Senior Technical Architect also delivered similar session at Pune office explaining the importance of mental health. 

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As we celebrate the achievement of women in tech, this may mark the conclusion of our current series of events of year 2023, but rest assured, the show is far from over. Year 2024 will be even more exciting, and WiT India will continue to be a beacon for empowerment and inspiration.



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