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Day1 – Kid’s Carnival

Summer is a season that radiates warmth, optimism, and positive energy. It denotes a calm and peaceful ambiance with a clear blue sky. The days are radiant, lovely, and peaceful with a golden sun. OH!! What a warm imagination. I fantasize about my summer as above but living in a tropical country sun is our neighbor and humidity is our companion. Wish I could say we are sun-kissed but we are all sunburnt.

Added to the atrocities of summer our naughty kids are all free at home enjoying their holidays. No school, no homework, and only play, seem to be a bit hectic for parents to keep the kids occupied. These mischievous minds are like an ever-hungry ogre, we must feed their minds with exciting activities which are finished in a jiffy, and they ask for more fun and excitement. While the parents were all exhausted, Perficient #Chennai came up with the Kids’ Summer Camp plan.

The moment I received the mail, I enrolled my Kids. “2 Days of Kids Summer Camp” appeared to be “2 Days of Spa and rejuvenation therapy for Mothers” I squished my eyes to take a second look and it said, “2 Days of Kids Summer Camp”. Day 1 was the Kids Carnival and Day 2 was the Kids Summer Camp. Hurrah, I was more excited than my kids. Who doesn’t like to be at a carnival? My kids were then just an excuse to attend the carnival.

On the day of the Kids Carnival, I was up and ready with my kids and was at the office much ahead of usual with loaded enthusiasm. We were all so dazed to be welcomed by the puppets. OH! Wow, it’s a puppet show. We have never had an opportunity to witness one. We were totally awestruck. While the parents were all busy with work, the kids had a puppet-making workshop. The little fingers made magic. Every puppet was so unique and a masterpiece.

After lunch, the kids were all taken to the cafeteria where a wonderful play area was set up. Bouncy Castle!! Trampoline !! shouted the kids in excitement and started jumping up and down on them. My kids ran to the “TIC TAC TOE” and “Snow Bowling” and started putting their hands to work. At the other corner were all the food counters, tickling all our senses. Popping sound of the popcorn, freezing cold ice creams, the aroma of the French fries, glossy and silky flowing chocolate fountain. Heart and tummy full we went back home and hit the bed early, to prepare for day 2.

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Day 2 – Kid’s Summer Camp

The Kids’ summer camp began with traditional games around the world followed by some nice milkshakes for refreshments. Our budding artist’s skills bloomed into beautiful paper flowers. They were all engrossed in their activity that we had to literally drag them for lunch. Pizzas, pasta, cheese balls oh yum, a wholesome feast for the kids to enjoy. The kids enjoyed their lunch and surprised the parents with empty plates. Parents were all wondering if the kids have got an extra tummy today.

Now back to the activity area, “Movie Time” The kids were enjoying some folktale and they were so into it. During the Q&A session, kids were so enthusiastic to answer and were all jumping out of their chairs for their turn. After an ice cream break, there was a Fireless cooking activity. The tiny little hands made a traditional India delicacy “Bhel Puri” and served to the parents. Can anything taste better than this? Those extra spoons of love and affection from our Kids are the secret ingredients. Kids proudly served their parents while parents were all so overwhelmed with emotions.

Now we are almost at the end of the Kids Summer Camp. Our Leadership team distributed some goodies to the kids which super excited them and were all so eagerly waiting to unwrap. Kids did not want to go back home, and it was so difficult to console them saying that the winter camp is around the corner and they can visit the office soon. Kids are now so eager to come to the office as they think there is a carnival every day. There may not be a carnival at the office every day but Perficient family is so warm and ever cheerful that our feel is never less than being in a carnival. Ok back to my desk. Catch up soon in my next blog.

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Thank you


  1. Manikandan Mohan

    Better than the Carnival/Summer Camp, I enjoyed reading this Blog. Amazed to realize, how wonderful those 2 days were and my Son is still asking me to take him to the office Soon. Three Cheers to the Organizing Committee, leadership team and you for writing this Blog. 🙂

  2. My daughter was reminding me about summer camp for weeks till the day arrived. Two days will be her most memorable days. Hats off to Perficient Chennai .
    Amazing blog about the enthusiasm and excitement .

  3. My kid has attended this camp for 2nd time and he had fun time during both the times.
    Good get together for kids under very nice ambience and supervision.
    All the organizers of the event deserve huge KUDOS!!!

    Below here, I have added my kid’s words of expression about the camp(helped on the spelling corrections :))
    It was very fun in the summer camp.
    I loved listening to stories in the camp and I enjoyed doing craft and coloring.
    I loved watching puppet show.

  4. susithra jayagopi

    It was fantastic event to engage my little ones, both my daughters had full extent fun, they really enjoyed the wide array of activities that were organized and most fascinating one they found was the puppet show, and to my surprise they still remember the character’s name. Thanks for such a wonderful kids camp

  5. As mentioned by Manikandan, my daughter keep asking me when will that event happen again. Thanks to the Leadership and HR team for organizing an amazing and fun filled event!! And they also had yummiest spread of foods!!

    Appreciate this write up Malaviha!! Looking forward to the upcoming events.

  6. It was a great summer camp for kids. It had everything to fun, food & Games. Overall, a fulfilled event which was quite engaging for all the kids.

    Very well planned.

    Thanks to the entire team and a big shout out to “Perficient” for taking this up.
    I am expecting more events like this to occur in the future 🙂

  7. Summer kids camp is something special to my daughter. She awaits for it every year to play with new set of friends and enjoy the fun filled events.

    It was organized well and thank you so much for the fantastic kids camp 2023.

  8. Ganapathy Subramanian

    The event was a great entertainer for the Kids. I was worried about their timepass activity in my Office. But it turned out that Kids were occupied with a variety of workshops and did make it possible to cherish my Kids in workplace.
    Thanks to Perficient HR Team for making it happen and make joyful moments for my kids at Perficient Chennai Towers.
    Kids Loved the learning experience in the workshops and are keen to take part in future Kids activities at Perficient Chennai Towers.

  9. Gayathri Narayanan

    My son is a proud Perficient junior and has been enjoying the summer and winter camps happily.
    This summer camp also fullfilled his expectations and has left him wanting more Perficient camps.
    This write up by Malaviha, is a well-laid picture of the fun, kids had during the camp. Wishing more such camps and more such write-ups!

  10. Gayathri Venkatraman

    My daughter thoroughly enjoyed both the days and kudos to HR team for organizing this event without any hassle. Looking forward for many more events like this. Reading this blog took back to those 2 days and the colorful memories. Thank you Malaviha!

  11. Kapil Dev Munisamy

    My daughter had a great time in kids camp and interacted with many of our colleagues kids. Event and fun activities made my daughter enthusiastic. Thanks Perficient team for organizing this event. expecting more events like this…

  12. My daughter loves the camp, it is becoming their “summer home”. We can’t thank you enough.

    We look forward to sending the children again next year. Many thanks again. Please give our appreciation, gratefulness and warm regards to each and every member of the team.

    Special thanks to Perficient HR Team.

  13. Venkataraghavan Ramadass

    Kudos to Perficient leadership & HCM team for organizing such an wonderful event. Every year, the kids feel very happy attending the summer camp as they get a chance to play, have fun & stay closer with the parents at their work place.

  14. Mouli Ganapathy

    My kid had a great time at the summer camp. I was worried if she would be interested in engaging in activities that were planned for kids as she is only 4 years old. I was elated to see that she enjoyed the camp and participated happily in all the activities.

    HR team did a great job in planning, organizing and executing this event to perfection. Kudos team!

  15. Karthik Janardhanan

    Great write up Malaviha! Brought my son for the first time to our office and what a perfect occasion it turned out to be. He thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days of fun, games, activities, and food. Post this camp, the question I am getting regularly from him is “When will we have the kids’ event in your office again?”

    A big thanks to the event organizers, and the entire team from Perficient for making this a successful, safe, and memorable one for the kids and the parents as well. Looking forward to the next kids-camp event in our Perficient Towers 🙂

  16. This year’s Kids Summer Camp was well-organized with a perfect blend fun activities and an opportunity to polish skills. My Daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the time at the camp especially the Trampoline.
    After reaching home she was explaining all those that happened in the camp to my parents with great joy and also showed the butterfly she drew in the camp. She got new friends here and this also gave a chance for her to meet my colleagues. I thank the Perficient management and organizers for all the wonderful memories the camp created.

  17. This year’s Kids Summer Camp was well-organized with a perfect blend fun activities and an opportunity to polish skills.
    My daughter, thoroughly enjoyed the time at the camp especially the Trampoline. After reaching home she was explaining all those that happened in the camp to my parents with great joy and also showed the butterfly she drew in the camp.
    She got many new friends here and this also gave a chance for her to meet my colleagues. I thank the Perficient management and organizers for all the wonderful memories the camp created.

  18. Fun packed two days for the Perficient juniors… Excited to read your well written blog, Malaviha…Kudos to you and the organisers of the event.

  19. Thanks, Malaviha for taking us back to those 2 days of fun filled Summer Camp by writing up this blog.
    My daughter still says my mom office is the best. She thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show, Trampoline and Food.
    Thanks to the HCM Team for planning and organizing these types of engaging events for the Kids.

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