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International day of Yoga celebration event at Chennai


On a gloomy Tuesday morning, when the city is slowly recovering from previous night’s monsoon rains, bunch of Perficient employees marched amongst the city traffic and reached office just to attend the wonderful yoga session organized before working on their deliverables for the day.
Yes, its International Day of Yoga – June 21st 2023 and the session was arranged by our energetic GDC Chennai HR team and our Yoga instructor for the day is Ms. Sathya who have 13 years of Yoga training practice. When the clock stroked 11 AM, Registered Perficientians walked in with Mats, towels at Chennai towers, all set to learn and practice breathing exercises. The session started with a Ice breaker where employees dumb sharded their names so that the rest of the people could guess it. This eased up the situation and we familiarized ourselves with the co participants. First half of the session was a guided breathing exercise which involved us to breathe mindfully, and we learnt multiple forms of breathing with vibrant sounds and that improved our mental clarity and release of stress and brining in sense of calmness to mind and body.
The second half of the session started with a little task that made us to realize our level of flexibility and it was followed by stretches with breathing as main principle. The session came to an end, and we made up our minds that we would practice these breathing techniques as we reminded ourselves that practicing breathing everyday could keep us alive, stress free, relaxed, calm, composed and much more!!

Thoughts on “International day of Yoga celebration event at Chennai”

  1. Abishek Murugesan

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the event.
    Nonetheless, the blog is exceptionally well-written. I commend Dhivya for her outstanding work.

  2. Dhivya Bharathi Palaniandi Shanmugam Post author

    Thank you Abishek. WIT Chennai has many events planned for this year. There is always a next time. Do join us!

  3. Nice Blog Dhivya…Getting enthusiastic to see the yoga activity and triggered desire in myself to follow the stress free healthy lifestyle …Hope all to have healthy and happy life

  4. Susithra Jayagopi

    Always had a wish to start with some wellness plan in my daily life, but having stuck with different set of activities, the plan kept procrastinating. Yoga day at Perficient really gave a good kick start for my plan, and the session was very useful with simple steps covering breathing, posture and mindful presence. Thanks a lot for the Yoga day.

  5. Malaviha Vijayaragavan

    Very well written Dhivya. It was really good to be at the Yoga session. Not only did we get the opportunity to practice yoga but we were so enlightened with the ideas and thoughts of the trainer and the participants on healthy living.

  6. Kavitha Udhay

    Oh great! Thank you Dhivya for capturing all the activities that we did in the session. Yes, it was a refreshing session for all of us. Thanking our management & GDC Chennai HR Team for organising this session 🙂

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Dhivya Bharathi Palaniandi Shanmugam

Dhivya Bharathi PS, Senior Technical Consultant working with Perficient India GDC Chennai. She is an IT professional with 6 years of experience predominantly in IBM’s Sterling Commerce Order Management system in Retail Domain. Dhivya also works on L3 Application management and also a budding Scrum master. She worked with various teams including Inventory management, Logistics and fixed the design gap, process issues between the teams. She is a great communicator and Orator who loves to read Novels, Biographies and follows a minimalistic Holistic Lifestyle.

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