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WiT India Celebrates Their Allies during International Men’s Day


Women in Tech (WiT) India, in association with Perficient GDC Nagpur and Pune, celebrated International Men’s Day at both offices with great gusto. It was a distinctive event, as it was celebrated for the first time ever in GDC Nagpur and Pune. This was an occasion to celebrate men’s lives which are dedicated to society, community, family, marriage, childcare, and the environment. The objective of celebrating Men’s Day has been set out in all the 6 pillars:

  • To promote positive male role models,
  • To highlight discrimination against men,
  • To celebrate Men’s positive contributions,
  • To create a safer and better world,
  • To focus on their health and wellbeing
  • To improve gender relations.

The day started with the distribution of a Card and Badge as a token of appreciation to each male colleague at the Nagpur and Pune offices, thanking them for all the support, contributions, and dedication towards their surroundings and society as a whole. The celebration began with everyone being gathered in the cafeteria, all dressed in shades of blue and black. Along with the 450 colleagues from Nagpur, we were joined in the celebration by colleagues from other GDCs, including Dan Venkatesan, Arun Murugadoss, Raghuraman Ramdoss, Abhijit Paul, Mouli Ganapathy, Lakshmi Munnangi. They were welcomed by a huge round of applause by the attendees. Neha Pasi, the host for the day, started the event with an introduction and shared the importance of celebrating International Men’s Day.

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A heartwarming and visually captivating video was played, dedicated to all the Male colleagues highlighting the special moments, and roles they play in day-to-day life. It was a compilation of many cherished memories, significant milestones and moments that resonated the sense of gratitude that we felt towards our colleagues.

After the video, it was time for the much-awaited session by the General Manager, GDC Nagpur Anurag Shivhare, for an enlightening session on the topic – Healthy Men, Healthy was time for the much-awaited session by the General Manager, Anurag Shivhare, at GDC Nagpur office for an enlightening session on the topic – Healthy Men, Healthy World. Similar Session was conducted by Senior Technical Architect, Kapil Khadgi, at GDC Pune Anurag’s session started on an interesting note with a short pop quiz on International Men’s Day, with the right answers getting exciting prizes. He explained the 6 pillars that make the foundation of celebrating this beautiful occasion. He emphasized the interconnection between individual well-being and, ultimately, the broader world, and shared helpful information focused on mental health.

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Anurag listed the key factors that affect men’s health, such as heart disease, cancer, mental health, chronic disease, and life expectancy. The session stated various facts: one of them being from WHO, that one in four people are more likely to have mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Through the message: “Hear the silence – See the Hidden”, he encouraged everyone to be aware of the causes and symptoms of mental health issues among men. He also gave some valuable tips to change our lifestyles, which will significantly impact our health in the long run.

The session was full of compassion and empathy. The session came to an end with an emotional and beautiful song projecting the meaning of this heartwarming and informative session.

Shweta Rawlani, Senior HCM Manager, GDC Nagpur, came forward to present the vote of thanks on behalf of all female colleagues to their male counterparts for being the support system to everyone around them. She appreciated the joint efforts of WiT India and the management team of GDC Nagpur, for organizing such an iconic event and to Anurag Shivhare, for being the driving force behind all the events that are held in GDC Nagpur and Pune.

Towards the end of the celebration, all the male colleagues were called to the front for a cake-cutting ceremony, which was followed by delicious snacks and a DJ to sway everyone away with their fantastic moves!

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Thoughts on “WiT India Celebrates Their Allies during International Men’s Day”

  1. It’s very important to acknowledge and appreciate of wonderful men who have helped shape our world into a better place. I really appreciate your observations & efforts to put your inner voice in words… keep it up..

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