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When Hyper-Personalized Experiences Are Expected, Media Companies Can Win Using Generative AI

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Not only personalization, but individualization, is the future of media. Consumers of connectivity and content are demanding that media providers read their minds and instantly present exactly what they’re looking for, even if they don’t personally know what they want. Every platform from social media sites to popular online retailers is constantly improving the way it consumes, organizes, and utilizes customer data to advertise products and services perfectly aligned to individuals’ demands.

With social media platforms becoming more like personalized television channels and online retail acting like personal shopping assistants, media companies are experiencing competition like never before. To overcome this challenge, media providers must find a new way to entice customers and keep their attention. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is finally providing the solution.

Leveling Up Content Production

Media is the specialty of generative AI. This industry is connecting people around the globe and building communities with powerful content – content made even more powerful when it is AI-sourced. With the help of customer data and access to limitless sources of research, generative AI can shift content production into lightspeed. Production companies can use generative AI as a tool to come up with new ideas for content, build concepts and stories, and even produce music and voiceovers. The same can be done for digital marketing campaigns that use personalized ads, videos, and other content.

Creating Immersive Experiences

Many consumers are familiar with “deep fakes,” which are digitally altered images and videos so realistic that they have effectively spread false information in the past. Deep fake technology combined with generative AI can create content that fits a consumer’s desires exactly, even personalizing it as if the content was produced only for them – and it might have been. Imagine becoming a character within your favorite TV show where the other characters address you by name and interact with you. Further, imagine typing in a prompt for a movie and having that exact movie produced for you in minutes with generative AI. In the Gaming segment, video games could feature anyone you’d like or present any challenge of your interest in any environment you request.

The Art of Recommendations

If nothing else, generative AI can create highly personalized recommendations for audiences using complex inputs that go well beyond genre, cast member, or star rating. Media companies have been experimenting with recommendations for years using machine learning to make recommendations based on categories and past user behavior. Generative AI can go beyond this capability by continually getting to know a user and generating recommendations that don’t necessarily need to follow certain categories, labels, or templates.

For example, imagine that you could ask your streaming platform to create a special playlist of movies or show episodes for you that only feature holiday themes. In theory, generative AI integration on a platform could allow users to completely customize the offerings rather than choosing from preselected and curated content.

Give the Audience What They Want

Media companies that put customer data to good use perform very well on the market, but companies that combine the importance of data with the power of generative AI will become the new leaders. Overall, immersive hyper-personalized experiences will keep the consumer engaged. Media companies must tap into these desires to compete with a vast landscape of user-generated content fueled by algorithms to not only grow but retain their customer base

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