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Getting to know Sitecore Search

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As part of Sitecore’s move to a composable world, Sitecore has introduced Sitecore Search.  This tool offers relevant content through AI-powered search.  It can monitor user interactions across your sites (including multiple languages) and offer individualized results.  Imagine a site that sells watches, purses, and clothes.  If I browse several pages of watches then search for “blue”, Sitecore Search’s AI will surface blue watches based on my user journey over blue purses or blue clothes.  You can see Sitecore Search in action on Sitecore’s site

Josh Hover introduced us to Sitecore Search in his recent blog post.  In this blog series, we’ll take a technical deep dive and go through an implementation start to finish.  In part 1, we’ll take a tour of the Sitecore Search UI and learn some of the basic terminology.  In part 2, we’ll investigate the default setup and configuration.  In part 3, we’ll look at managing users, the available roles, and the role permissions. In part 4, we’ll modify the default configuration and start customizing our index. In part 5, we’ll configure our domain settings and build a simple UI with jQuery. In part 6, we’ll build a modern UI using the React SDK for Sitecore Search.  In part 7, we’ll continue building our modern UI and add facets and sort options.

In future posts we’ll interact with the search api, build a custom ui, review the analytics and more!

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