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Does Headless Commerce Belong in Your Technology Stack?

Justin Racine, Director of Commerce Strategy, recently published his article, Does headless commerce have a home in your B2B ecommerce?, in Digital Commerce 360’s blog. Racine discusses how headless commerce can provide an intuitive B2B commerce experience for your customers and their consistently changing expectations.

Headless Commerce is good for Commerce, but is it For Your Commerce?

Racine also points out that while headless commerce could be the right choice for your strategy, it’s important to know the ins and outs of it before adopting it. Headless commerce is known for its agility and customizations, but it’s not exactly the quickest way to deliver business value to your organization.

According to Racine, it takes quite a bit of investment and getting your employees used to working with this type of approach. Which may beg the question, what’s the right approach to leverage for your B2B organization?

So, go with headless or your traditional method?

Racine goes on to describe to truly know if headless commerce is the right decision for your company, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Investment, Time, and Employees – The headless framework is an extensive shift that takes a lot of focus and time. You need to ensure that your IT team can adapt to this shift and work with it so they may create a customer journey that meets the needs of their buyers.
  • Market Needs and Expectations – Yes, the term “headless commerce” is trending right now. However, you need to analyze your target market to understand your customer needs and expectations to meet the mark.
  • Business Commitment – Again, you must ensure that your teams are committed to this shift in framework and approach. After all, new developments will come with it as time goes on.

Connect to Your Customers with Headless Commerce

As a B2B organization, it’s important to think about the approaches and features that may improve your business – headless or not. For more of Justin’s thought leadership, read more here. And for further questions, contact our commerce experts today.

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