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Using Katalon Studio, Automate Testing of Mobile and Web Applications

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What is Katalon Studio?

Katalon Studio is a well-known tool for automated testing. As more testing engineers choose Katalon over Selenium, Ranorex, TestComplete, and Apache JMeter, it’s worth discussing. The platform enables the execution of automated tests for Web interfaces, APIs, Windows desktop and mobile apps (both iOS and Android), as well as the creation of analysis reports.

Initially released as a free solution, Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine were introduced in October 2019 to provide flexible options for various needs. However, the basic Katalon Studio for individual users is still available for free.

This solution is simple to set up and comes with a number of pre-installed templates that allow you to repeat some testing patterns. Katalon Studio is a cross-browser testing tool for Web, mobile, Windows desktop, and APIs. These solutions are accompanied by analytics and recording modules. Let’s take a closer look at each Katalon product.


API Testing

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are tested both directly and as part of integration testing during API testing to see if they live up to expectations for functionality, dependability, performance, and security. API testing is carried out at the message layer and can rapidly and efficiently check application logic because APIs lack a GUI.

Because it can withstand quick release cycles and frequent modifications, especially to the display layer, API testing is essential for automated testing and the CI/CD process. Additionally, compared to UI automation testing, API testing involves less maintenance work, which is why Agile and DevOps teams choose it.

Web Testing

Software distributed through the internet in the form of a browser interface is known as a web application (app). A web app’s goal is to exchange information with users in an effective manner while working with a range of browsers and operating systems (OSs).
Web testing, often known as web app testing, is a software testing technique that aids in ensuring the functionality and quality of the app in accordance with the requirements.


Mobile Testing

The practice of determining if an app created for portable devices complies with specific mobile testing standards is known as mobile application (app) testing. Native applications, mobile web apps, and hybrid apps are all referred to as “mobile apps” in this context.

Desktop testing

A standalone programme called a desktop application (app) operates in a desktop operating system.
Desktop programmes, in contrast to online apps, need adequate hardware resources to run. Because certain programmes are made for particular settings and contexts, they are more difficult to handle.


Prerequisites for installing Katalon Studio:

1.Create a [] account.

  1. Download and install Katalon Studio ( (Version-7.0.6)
  2. Download older Katalon Studio versions from its Github repository [].

Requirements for the Environment:

Operating System: macOS(10.14.3)

Memory: 8 GB

Browser: Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bit)

Mobile: Android: 8.x, 9.x (Mac OS), Appium: 1.13.0

Start a New Project:

Click FileNewProject, fill in the blanks and then click Ok.



Congratulations, you now have the basic knowledge of Katalon and its functionalities. We also now have an understanding of the various testing carried out with katalon.


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