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Change Power Apps Visuals and Data fields in Power BI

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As in the previous two parts, we will see how to integrate and use Power Apps as a writeback option in the Power BI dashboard in this part. We will see how to change the fields passed from Power BI to Power Apps as a data source, as well as how to change Power Apps visuals with any other Power App visual.

Why need to change power apps visual? 

As we go from Dev to Prod after development is complete that time, we need to change the Power App visual to point to Production environment. 

How to change existing power apps visual to another app? 

There are two ways to do this. 

  1. First way is you can directly Delete and re-add the visual but in this case, you must follow the same process to select environment, select app, add data fields, and set the Hight and Width of the visual etc. so this is not the effective way to change the app if there are more number of pages in reportProcess to change Power Apps visual
            1. Process to replace Power Apps visual Directly                                                         
  2. Second way is you can use the following method
    1. Open report in Power BI desktop
    2. Select Power Apps visual
    3. Change the visual to table visual
    4. Click save and close the report
    5. Reopen the same report and select the same table visual and change it to Power App
    6. Now you got an option to select new app select the app and use the app.Change Power Apps using table conversion method
            1. Process to replace Power Apps using table conversion method

 How to change data fields pass from power bi to power apps? 

  1. Open the report in Power BI service only (Not works in power bi desktop)
  2. Edit the report and select the Power Apps visual
  3. Pass whatever the fields you need to change or add new fields
  4. Select 3 dot from upper right corner and click edit
  5. It will open Power Apps editor and the fields you passed are now can be accessible in power apps
  6. After changes save and publish the app. click back to report and save the report and use the app with latest data.Update Data fields passed to Power App from Power BI
            1. process to Update Data fields passed to Power App from Power BI



Thoughts on “Change Power Apps Visuals and Data fields in Power BI”

  1. What an insightful post! I couldn’t help but get excited while reading about the power of integrating Power Apps with Power BI to enhance data visualizations. This combination’s potential for businesses to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge is truly remarkable.

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