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VIDEO: Sitecore Customer Data Platform | An Early Look at Boxever CDP

Sitecore recently (Q1 2021) acquired Boxever CDP. This is a marketer-focused digital optimization solution that is a definitive step forward in Sitecore’s move to SaaS. If you have been hearing about Sitecore Experience Edge and Content Hub, like me, you are likely seeing the puzzle pieces come together. I wanted to take a deeper look. Our friends at Sitecore/Boxever provided early access to a sandbox and I took a tour to share with you here.

Take video tour of Boxever CDP for an early look at the future of Sitecore personalization and testing.

NOTE: It is clear that there is an active team making updates (as one would expect). During the recording of this video the UI changed and I see functionality either appearing or being turned on in the sandbox. This is going to be an exciting time to watch the evolution.

Boxever Home

Boxever CDP Home Screen

In the video I took a look at the three main elements of Boxever:

  • The core CDP functionality around audience and segment management
  • Creating offers and decision models
  • Personalization and testing or what is defined as Experiences and Experimentation


Boxever Decision Model

Boxever Decision Model


Boxever Experiences

Boxever Experimentation Setup

The goal of the video is to show you a high-level view of the main pieces of Boxever and to connect the dots between current state and what I think will be the future. This is meant for marketers and I do not dive into any code (as per usual) but certainly a preview for all. I look forward to working on a full JAMStack solution that includes Sitecore Experience Edge, Content Hub, and Boxever (Sitecore CDP) as a full CaaS (Content as a Solution) or even XaaS (Experience as a A Solution).

This is new to the Sitecore space and I look forward to learning with the community. Please comment below or in the YouTube comments with any thoughts. Of course you can always find me on Twitter as @Sitecordial.

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Rick Bauer, Senior Solutions Architect

As a 5-time Sitecore Strategy MVP and Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, Rick provides insight, training, and a passion for a fully-realized potential of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and Content Hub. He utilizes his years of hands-on Sitecore know-how and certification to help deliver clear solutions and actionable results for marketers - both new to the platforms, or looking to take them to the next level of maturity.

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