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Quickly Connect inRiver PIM and Magento Commerce

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Ecommerce sales have consistently seen growth in the last few years. This has been especially true during this past year of unprecedented times. Businesses had to quickly adapt to enabling online stores and driving more sales online.  The assessment is that the pandemic accelerated the ecommerce growth in the US by nearly 2 years. This has certainly been the trend across the globe as well.

One of the key factors for a successful ecommerce journey and buying experience is to provide rich product content on web stores. Content that is relevant to channels and accurate, along with being supported by digital assets helps buyers greatly in making informed decisions. Feeling confident in making informed decisions then also leads to placing more orders online.

The Right PIM and Commerce Platforms

One platform that is a proven solution to enable organizations to manage product data and rich product content in a single source of truth is inRiver’s Product Information Management (PIM) system. Along with being a comprehensive PIM platform, it also provides a streamlined output to web stores and other channels. On the other hand, Adobe’s Magento Commerce platform is one of the most popular and widely adopted platforms to spin up ecommerce web fronts.

By integrating these platforms, you are able to seamlessly send enriched product information from inRiver PIM to Adobe’s Magento Commerce. While your solutions implementer, such as Perficient, can certainly build such integrations, having a standardized integration can more quickly and seamlessly assist. InRiver has done exactly that and created standardize integration adapter for future-proofing technical integrations and support.

inRiver-Magento Commerce Adapter

inRiver has recently launched a Magento Commerce adapter that brought standardization to this integration. Having this adapter greatly speeds up the technical integration and allows for speed to value by getting both platforms connected quickly. This allows product managers and marketers to focus on building customer experiences and enriched content and spend less time on the rollout of technical integrations.

This inRiver-Magento adapter has the following key benefits:

  • Seamless integration between the two systems, inRiver and Magento
  • Create and translate product stories in multiple languages and provide them to Commerce
  • Faster time to market for enriched product information, including product relationships such as bundle and group products
  • Ease of management of technical integration while supporting product content accuracy to multiple stores
  • Providing related digital assets as well from PIM to Commerce

Integrating with Partners

The adapter certainly helps to shorten the implementation phase. Typically, partners work with marketing and product teams to understand the business process and the product catalog structure and then translate that into a data model within PIM. As a next step, partners build integrations to external systems, such as Commerce. Having an adapter allows partners to skip the step of building an integration from the ground up. Partners can directly focus on channel-specific requirements & edge cases, then plan on potential enhancements to the integration (if applicable) and simply configure the adapter and validate the channel output.

Perficient has recently implemented this adapter while leveraging the support of the inRiver product team and it has been a fruitful implementation.

Organizations who already have Magento Commerce and are considering inRiver PIM or vice versa should feel at ease with the release of this information knowing that a standard approach towards an integration via this adapter will certainly be a jump start to their implementation strategy. To learn more about the inRiver-Magento adapter, go to or reach out to our PIM experts.

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Ritesh Keskar

Ritesh is an eCommerce Practice Director and PIM Consultant at Perficient. His role is to provide consultation to clients for their Product Information Management strategy alongside their Commerce Solutions roadmap, as well as to assist with platform selection and implementation.

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