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COVID-19 Care with Salesforce & Perficient: No-Cost Response Solution for Healthcare

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With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare systems are struggling with limited ways to direct patients to trusted (and often rapidly evolving) information.

Stressed systems. Up to 20x the normal call volume. Gathering and analyzing massive amounts of data quickly. The list of challenges goes on, but so do the resources and partners who are ready and willing to help. Together with Salesforce, we’re here to support you with a response package at no cost – designed especially for emergency response teams, call centers and care management teams for health systems.

Salesforce Care: What It Is

This week Perficient rolled out its 3-day quick start solution as part of Salesforce Care for Healthcare – a solution to aid healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 crisis, available at no cost for six months. (After six months, you can discontinue the service or continue at the contracted price.)

We’re here to help you keep patients informed with trusted sources, as well as engage with care teams more efficiently. That includes:

  • Streamlining call volume
  • Prioritizing engagement activity
  • Meeting patients on their preferred channels

How It Works: 3-Day Quick Start 

To help you respond quickly, Perficient’s experts can set up the following tools within three days at no cost:

  • Health Cloud Security Model (including profiles, role hierarchy and permission sets)
  • Health Cloud User Accounts (< 50 users)
  • Health Cloud Console/Patient Card*
  • 1-2 assessments using Salesforce Flows*
  • Hands-on how-to demo, showing the healthcare team where to load data (partnering with DHS to author content)*
  • Access control and event monitoring in Salesforce Shield*

See what’s included here >
*Limited complexity

Real-World Results in Record Time

So how does it all work in action? With help from the Salesforce Care for Healthcare solution, Women’s College Hospital was able to launch a digitally enabled COVID-19 assessment center in record time. The team built an interactive self-assessment tool and virtual assessment registration, fully integrated with the hospital’s information system (EPIC), in four days. See the Women’s College Hospital story >

If you have specific Health Cloud questions, you can also access Salesforce’s COVID-19 online resources anytime – including expert Q&A, webinars and more.

“Perficient is proud to be a trusted partner with Salesforce, as we all work together to support our global community during this crisis,” says Lily Doris, Perficient’s Salesforce Alliances Director.  She adds, “Salesforce consistently demonstrates their commitment to customer success, trust, innovation and equality through their 1-1-1 model of giving back. Those core values are clear with this rapid response package, free of charge to help organizations overwhelmed with customer needs and patient demands for support.”

Always Here to Help

Remember, you can learn more about Perficient’s 3-day quick start solution online, available at no cost for healthcare systems, or contact our team directly anytime.

There’s no doubt: technology solutions and user needs are often complex, particularly in healthcare. But at the end of the day, what connects us all is simple. We’re here – and ready – whenever you need us.

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