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Patient Portal + PillPack Integration Uplifts Medication Adherence, Payor-Member Relationships

It’s well known that patients’ day-to-day behavior greatly impacts their health outcomes. Yet one of the most common, impactful interventions for better health – the consistent use of prescribed medications – is met with striking shortfalls.

Progressive health insurance organizations recognize this gap coupled with member expectations for digital connectedness: interactions that simplify day-to-day tasks, keep users better informed, and ease stress.

And the need is great. According to the National Institute of Health, half of the 3.2 billion prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. are not taken as prescribed.

What’s more, numerous studies find that patients living with chronic conditions adhere only to 50-60% of medications as prescribed even though compelling evidence shows that medical therapy can prevent death and improve quality of life.

When those gaps occur, it shows. Healthcare costs bear the weight. Plans see evidence in increased examination room, hospital, and emergency room visits. And patients’ symptoms continue or worsen, which can impact their perceptions of the healthcare industry’s ability to address their needs.

Consider these compelling stats:

  • 150 million Americans are living with at least one chronic illness
  • Half of the 3.2 billion annual prescriptions dispensed in the U.S. are not taken as prescribed
  • Gaps in adherence result in an estimated $100 billion-$290 billion annually in avoidable health care costs
  • 70% of consumers prefer digital healthcare solutions

Health plan members cite various reasons for prescription non-adherence. High on the list? They don’t have time or energy for pharmacy lines or refills. Also, despite an abundance of pill sorting tools available on the market, they find the process of sorting medications and vitamins cumbersome and frustrating. Most importantly though, patients have a difficult time remembering when to take each pill… or if they even took the prescribed medications at all.

Patient Portal + PillPack integration empowers health plan members to better manage their medications and more easily take charge of their health. It minimizes worry, delivering medications – made easy – and helps them take the precise pills they need to take, and take them consistently. Members can even conveniently enroll and transfer existing medications to PillPack without calling their medical provider. Additionally, members can easily include preventive care vitamins and OTC medications in their packets. These small changes in delivery yield meaningful, impactful results, including member health improvements, healthcare cost reductions, and greater customer sentiment.

Jump Start PillPack Integration for Your Members

Perficient’s PillPack Jump Start offers payors rapid PillPack integration delivery using Agile methodologies and performance-proven success. Contact us to learn more and initiate PillPack integration with your patient portal.

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