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The Mobile App Response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, we are seeing brick-and-mortar hours change and doors closing for a period of days and weeks. The retail and restaurant industries have been hit hard in particular, and it will likely get worse. Only time will tell. Fortunately, though, consumers can still engage with their favorite brands.

In many cases, brands are upping their game and focusing on their digital presence. Website updates, new app features, new delivery options – the list goes on.

A few examples of companies upping their game:

Recently, Nike published an Instagram post acknowledging store closures across multiple countries. At the end of the post, it highlighted methods to continue shopping via its app and encouraged people to be healthy and active through its Nike Training Club and Nike Run Club applications. These mobile apps offer fun and innovative ways to work on personal health while practicing safe, social-distancing methods.

The up-and-coming gym, Dogpound, is promoting healthy habits and full gym workouts via Instagram. The social platform enables this gym to convert regular gym workouts into at-home methods by using items most followers can find in their own home.

With the closing of restaurants and limited use of dine-in services, Uber Eats is taking dedicated measures to ensure everybody, both consumers and drivers, is safe during this time. Uber Eats has an entire page of best practices for drivers, consumers, and restaurants on its website. With restaurants reducing their dine-in options, Uber Eats is expected to increase the number of deliveries exponentially. The app even offers a way to include notes for drivers, such as “Please leave my order at the door.”

What does the future hold?

As a terrible situation sweeps across the world, it’s important to remember that employees and customers are always the number one priority. When a situation like COVID-19 occurs, and businesses have to close their doors temporarily, it’s crucial to have a plan in place.

Once this situation resolves itself, how will your company start to prepare for the future? Will you offer new services? Will you shift the way you communicate? There’s lots to think about.

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