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The Demand for a Digital Experience in Healthcare


What are the symptoms of tennis elbow? Where’s the nearest urgent care clinic? Who’s the best dermatologist in town? Is she in network? Why am I winded after a short walk? What will an X-ray cost me? How do I pay my bill?Healthcare

Consumers approach healthcare from multiple angles, which drives the need for delivering comprehensive and utilitarian content.

According to McKinsey’s Consumer Health Insights Survey, 70% of consumers prefer digital healthcare solutions over traditional offerings such as in person or by phone. Though the use of digital solutions isn’t formally measured as part of the patient experience, it’s really where the experience journey begins.

Healthcare can learn a lot from the retail market. A report from ForeSee, a company that develops insights from customer experience data, found that consumers who had a good digital experience were:

  • 78% more likely to recommend the company
  • 75% more likely to recommend the site
  • 53% more likely to return to the site 2

These sentiments have come to apply to healthcare organizations, as patients seek the same digital experiences from their providers as they have in other areas of their lives.

Most healthcare systems recognize the importance of optimizing the patient experience; it’s a key quality measure. But they often focus on clinical processes and struggle with some of the tools and tactics required to improve in the para-clinical area of patient information and education.

With the majority of healthcare consumers now going online for information, a healthcare organization’s offerings, including web and mobile, are critical to making a positive impact on patients.

To learn how to break through the clutter with these 5 tips for building a patient-centered website, you can click here, or submit the form below.

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