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[Guide] 6 Steps to Unlocking the Business Value of Office 365

There may not be sufficient empirical research or metrics to demonstrate how using Microsoft Office 365 (O365) contributes directly to business value in a measurable way. However, there are cases in which evidence suggests that purposeful, focused adoption and usage of O365 can contribute significant business value.

A comprehensive review of how O365 impacts business value suggests that value can be realized in two major categories:

  1. Cost reduction value as a result of O365 implementation
  2. Adoption-driven value

For example according to research from Forrester, approximately 75% of the business value of O365 is driven by ongoing adoption and usage and the remaining 25% is typically realized from IT-centric cost reduction factors (e.g., reduced IT support, reduced back-end hardware).

Office 365


Adoption-driven value can be broken down into six primary sources of business value.

To learn more, download this guide here to explore the six steps required to begin unlocking the true value of Office 365, or you can submit the form below.

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