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Host an ARO Workshop to Showcase Cloud-first Development

Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) provides enterprises with a number of benefits, including the ability to simplify processes, focus on development, harness the power of DevOps, and reduce time to market. With ARO, you are able to iterate faster, deliver features quicker, and reach your market at a faster pace.

ARO is a fully managed Red Hat OpenShift service on Azure – jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Microsoft. Built upon a Kubernetes foundation and fully integrated into the Azure platform, ARO handles infrastructure and cluster management, freeing application terms to focus on delivering new software and services. ARO’s seamless integration with Azure AD, hybrid networks, existing Azure resources, and CI/CD pipelines makes it an intriguing option for enterprises moving toward a cloud-first model in a complex technology ecosystem.

Our ARO workshop provides enterprise application developers a hands-on look at the OpenShift experience within Azure. It enables enterprises to leverage OpenShift’s cloud platform and easily move legacy applications to the public cloud.

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Application modernization is a growing area of focus for enterprises. If you’re considering this path to cloud adoption, this guide explores considerations for the best approach – cloud native or legacy migration – and more.

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Over the next few months, we’re hosting ARO workshops in several cities: Chicago (Dec. 11), Houston (late January 2020), and Atlanta (date TBD).

These workshops provide a hands-on environment for developers to learn more about ARO. We will walk attendees through how to build and deploy applications in a consistent environment with support for a wide range of traditional, cloud-native, and serverless tools and technologies.

Workshop topics include:

  • Business case for OpenShift on Azure
  • What is cloud-native and why do we care?
  • The OpenShift platform
  • Advanced deployment techniques
  • Managing secrets and environment variables
  • Persistent storage
  • Services and routes

*Prerequisites for attendees: Azure Cloud Shell, OpenShift CLI (oc), and a GitHub account.

Our ARO workshop can be presented in a half-day or full-day format, and representatives from Perficient, Red Hat, and Microsoft are on-site to deliver the workshop, answer questions, and share best practices.

Interested in hosting an ARO workshop in your city in 2020? Contact Otto Konopa at

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