EPBCS Business Process Module: Workforce

Labor-related expenses are often the largest variable expense on the P&L, and consequently labor planning deserves its own detailed module on the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) platform. Oracle’s Workforce module addresses four facets of the labor planning process:

1. Compensation Planning

  • Configurable framework for compensation and benefits
  • Plan by employee, by job code, or both employee and job code
  • Wizard-based configuration of benefits and tax expense

2. Other Expenses

  • Configurable driver-based planning for related expenses
  • Travel and entertainment
  • Training
  • Communications
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3. Strategic Workforce

  • Long-range headcount planning by skill set
  • Align strategy with execution and costs
  • Predictive analytics for key drivers (e.g. attrition percentage, retirement percentage

4. Demographics

  • Configurable reporting on employee-level demographics
  • Pre-built dashboards and reporting

Administrators start by configuring options for level of granularity: Employee Only, Job Only, Employee and Job. Three additional dimensions are available, and the pre-defined content is updated accordingly. The Workforce module makes extensive use of Smart Lists (static drop-down lists) for adding line item attributes during budget entry. Pre-defined forms are available for projecting to-be-hireds, transfers, and other common employee movements.

There are three cubes available out-of-the-box: OEP_WFP (BSO) is the input cube and stores generic earnings, benefits, and taxes. OEP_WFSC (BSO) is the detailed sub-cube for calculations and drivers. OEP_REP (ASO) is the detailed reporting cube and includes employee demographics.

In addition to compensation planning, Workforce can be used for HR-related expenses, strategic headcount planning based on backlog or expansion capital plans, and employee demographic analytics.

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