Oracle Big Data Cloud Service

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is a PaaS subscription model with a pre-configured Oracle Big Data environment. This includes a complete installation of the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Apache Spark.

When we talk about Big Data we are often talking about massive volumes of unstructured or semi-structured data such as web logs, social media feeds, e-mail, sensors, photographs, and similar devices. This data is typically very low density which means that, one single observation on its own does not have a lot of value. Rather, you have to aggregate all these data, sometimes millions of observations, and then swift through it to derive real-value from it. Using the power of the cloud, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service helps you get the most out of big data today, and in minutes.

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Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

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Big Data is not only about Analytics. It’s about the entire value chain. So, when you think about Big Data solutions, you have to think about the following actions:

  • Acquire streams of unstructured data or semi-structured data.
  • Organize/Transform acquired massive amount of unstructured data such that it can be easily integrated into other systems.
  • Analyze the data to discover useful information for decision-making.
  • Decide how you want to turn this data into something useful, something that decision makers see in the dashboards quickly.

There are a lot of technologies out there that address the above actions of the Big Data process. Then, why Oracle Big Data Cloud Service?

Oracle Big Data Cloud Service is a high-performance Big Data Platform that includes a comprehensive suite of analytics tools and extends Oracle database security to data in Hadoop. Big Data Cloud Service is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations. Big Data Cloud Service with Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service enables organizations to analyze data across Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database Service – Exadata Edition while leveraging their existing SQL skills. With Big Data Cloud service you can deploy, manage, and scale development/test environments with just a few mouse clicks all in the cloud.

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Talk to our Perficient BI Team to get more insight into the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and other related Oracle Cloud offerings. Learn how we can help your company transform your data to Oracle Cloud and make the most of the scalability, innovation and cost efficiency.

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