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Oracle PBCS Application Instance Restart

After reviewing Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) documentation, I found a EPMAUTOMATE command that I consider to be useful for all developers and administrators. The “resetservice” command will restart PBCS instance clearing memory and it will help improve application performance.

Oracle PBCS documentation:

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“Restarts the service instance. Use this command only when you observe severe performance degradation or if you receive error messages indicating that the instance is unusable. Service reset does not affect your application customizations (for example, locale change, settings related to theme and currency, etc.). Reset takes up to 15 minutes.”


Open command line prompt
C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>epmautomate login admin password domain
Login successful

C:\Oracle\EPM Automate\bin>epmautomate resetservice “TEST”
Are you sure you want to restart the service instance (yes/no): no ?[Press Enter]
User cancelled the resetservice command

Retrieving status…
resetservice completed successfully

The restart of the Planning instance takes a little over 15 minutes complete.


Thoughts on “Oracle PBCS Application Instance Restart”

  1. Bharathi Durai Raj

    Hello Eddie,

    I hope you’re doing well,

    I am facing issue while exporting the data from workbench. Can you please help me on this issue. Please find the below error message for you reference.

    2019-10-06 07:26:34,481 ERROR [AIF]: Load data failed.
    2019-10-06 07:26:34,557 FATAL [AIF]: Error in COMM Load Data

    Thanks in advance.

    Bharathi Durai Raj

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