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3 Ideas from IBM Interconnect – IoT with Watson Session


Welcome from IBM Interconnect 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. cognitive iot_interconnect_2016After attending the session “IoT with Watson”  at IBM Interconnect I became a believer in the possibility of connecting the physical and digital worlds together through the power of the cloud. Peter Crocker – IBM Watson IoT Platform Product Manager provided a very complete overview of where the technology stands today. The future possibilities for this combination of technologies is virtually unlimited. When you stop to think about cognitive IoT and the possible impacts, it starts to open up a wide range of possibilities for future human/machine interactions.

IBM has combined their Watson Intelligence engine with their cloud-based IoT and Analytics technology to create a unique offering that delivers truly unique capabilities. This combination allows the user to apply characteristics like tone, emotion, and vision to the large amounts of IoT data being collected. This will allow us to truly connect with our customers on a personal level previously not possible.

The availability of this technology makes the following ideas possible:

  1. We could proactively predict when an elderly person will need in-home care or should stop driving.
  2. Completely automated home product replenishment from groceries to house cleaning supplies.
  3. No more traffic jams nor unexpected auto failures.
When we look back in a few years these ideas will seem like baby steps. As the data set grows and machine learning continues to expand we will see more blurring of the line between physical and digital. This blurring of the line will increase the overall quality of life for everyone. Keep watching for this technology to show up in your favorite digital device.

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Victor Wolters, Enterprise Strategist

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