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Use Cases for Cognitive Computing using IBM Watson

Watson Achievements

Watson, IBM’s natural language processing and machine learning engine, has received a prominent role at the IBM 2016 InterConnect Conference. Watson has been showcased on the main stage in Las Vegas in keynote presentations and across IBM products and brands in the breakout sessions. IBM has featured customer stories for Watson in many industries for applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, big-data analytics and cloud computing via Watson APIs.

Use cases for Watson featured so far at Interconnect:

  • Healthcare – analysis of patient treatments and clinical trial data
  • Shopping – analysis of customer behavior to target content at point-of-sale
  • Property management – smart buildings using IoT for energy control, security and maintenance
  • Weather – analysis and prediction using big data and IoT
  • Investing – stock pick recommendations based on Twitter feeds
  • Application testing – cognitive capabilities added to test suites to understand application behavior
  • IT Security – analysis and machine learning of security threats

IBM is adding cognitive features to many of their products including data analytics,  application testing and IT security. IBM announced three new APIs at the show including voice tone, emotion and visual image recognition. Watson in the cloud accessed via APIs is proving the great potential of cognitive computing for IBM.

Chief Strategist, IT Modernization & Integration

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