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Sayonara! Google Puts On-Site Enterprise Search Option To Bed



Not long ago, our team published a guide on Google Search for Life Sciences because the Google Search Appliance (GSA) can work wonders for companies in our industry. But we just learned that Google has decided to put that powerful yellow box, designed to sit on-premises, to bed.

Let me say that again: Google will no longer offer the on-premises version of GSA. The good news? You’ll still be able to leverage Google Search for Work in the cloud. 

You won’t find much information online about Google’s decision to stop selling the legacy GSA, which debuted in 2002, but since we’re one of the company’s strategic partners, we were one of the first to know and wanted to pass the news along to you.

Earlier this month, Perficient’s enterprise search expert, Chad Johnson, wrote a blog post indicating that Google has decided to “focus their engineering efforts on cloud-based solutions.” While the current version of GSA will no longer be offered, it will continue to be supported for the next three years.

With this news, organizations who already have GSA or who are in the market for an enterprise search solution, will have to make some critical decisions. For GSA customers, do they migrate to the cloud? And, if you’re not currently leveraging GSA, but are looking to implement a solution, do you go for Google’s new cloud solution or a product from a different vendor? In a post written on February 11, 2016, Chad highlighted some options on how to move ahead.

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