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GSA Replacement Contenders Have Ignored This Key Use Case

When Google announced the end of the Google Search Appliance (GSA), the other major players in the space rapidly put together their messaging on why their product was the perfect replacement for the GSA. They espoused their cognitive search, machine learning, 360-degree view UIs, etc. The competitive landscape has focused on the large enterprise search […]

5 Things You Can’t Overlook in an Enterprise Search Migration

Last month I wrote a blog, “7 Tips to Prep for a GSA Sunset”. I had several people reach out and suggest the need for a follow-up article covering areas of focus during an enterprise search migration. After giving it some thought, I came up with a list of less obvious considerations that can make […]

7 Tips to Prep for a Google Search Appliance (GSA) Sunset

After much back and forth, it seems like the end-of-life for the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be the end of 2018. Most GSA users have adopted a “plug, play and walk-away” approach for far too long. The GSA will not continue functioning as an unsupported appliance. It will turn off like a light switch […]

Sayonara! Google Puts On-Site Enterprise Search Option To Bed

  Not long ago, our team published a guide on Google Search for Life Sciences because the Google Search Appliance (GSA) can work wonders for companies in our industry. But we just learned that Google has decided to put that powerful yellow box, designed to sit on-premises, to bed. Let me say that again: Google […]

Google Search Appliance Sunsetting: Week One Reactions

It has been exactly one week since Google announced that it would be sunsetting the Google Search Appliance over the next three years. And what a week it has been. I have had the opportunity to speak with media representatives at Fortune and CIODive, I have spoken with several current and prospective customers of the Google Search […]

Google Search Appliance Change Brings Opportunity

Google is a visionary and a cloud-first organization. In an announcement today, Google has decided to sunset the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) and focus their engineering efforts on cloud-based solutions. The GSA will remain supported for the next three years, giving you plenty of time to evaluate the future of your enterprise search investment and continue to […]

Meet a Google Search Appliance Architect: Chris Cook

Chris Cook joined our Google practice as a Solution Architect in 2013, arriving with over 25 years of IT experience, including technology deployments, network and security systems, and enterprise search solutions.  Chris has architected and deployed some of our largest and most complex Google Search Appliance implementations, including an aggressive project that indexed a multi-million document SharePoint repository and […]

What’s New in Search Solutions – People Search 2.0

For many years, People Search with the Google Search Appliance was essentially a glorified phonebook lookup.  Our customers could search for colleagues by name or title, and retrieve basic information like phone numbers or addresses.  Even the advent of ‘Expert Search’ did not tangibly change the situation — it just made the phonebook-style lookup easier […]

How Big is 1.5 Billion?

Sadly, I did not win the Powerball Lottery (I admit it is hard to win when you don’t play) so I am still here writing blog posts. Oh well, I kind of like my job. The frenzy did get me thinking about how big is a billion. A little back of the napkin math suggests […]

The Year in Review | Top 10 Digital Tech Posts of 2015

With Adobe Summit, GSA and Liferay, there was a lot to learn this year in digital technology. These were your favorite posts: Ten | Adobe Summit: Best Practices for Content Marketing It’s not about creating more content. It’s about creating better content. Nine | How to Script GSA Configuration Changes Google provides to mechanisms for […]

Time Well Spent in 2015

The end of 2015 is fast approaching, with December looming just a week away. For most people, December is packed with the hustle and bustle of last-minute gift shopping, or end-of-year projections and budgets for 2016. Often in the sway of all this activity, many are so focused on the approaching New Year that they […]

Meet a Google Search Appliance Architect: Alok Gupta

Alok Gupta joined our Google practice in 2013 and has quickly become one of our go-to Technical Architects for complex implementations and custom connector development. Alok has worked with a wide variety of clients, including high-tech support organizations, major airlines, and retail food giants. It was a pleasure to talk to him about his experiences […]

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