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13 Facts To Celebrate Genentech’s 40th Birthday

I came across an article that celebrated Genentech’s 40 years in business with a few fun facts and stories about the biotechnology pioneer: Founded on April 7, 1976 The name Genentech stems from GENetic ENgineering TECHnology The company was founded with a $1,000 investment in 1976 by Robert Swanson, a venture capitalist, and Herbert Boyer, […]

Sayonara! Google Puts On-Site Enterprise Search Option To Bed

  Not long ago, our team published a guide on Google Search for Life Sciences because the Google Search Appliance (GSA) can work wonders for companies in our industry. But we just learned that Google has decided to put that powerful yellow box, designed to sit on-premises, to bed. Let me say that again: Google […]

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Intranet Traffic

  In marketing, the amount of traffic to a website, blog, or other digital asset is important. Generally speaking, the more the merrier. It often defines success. What if I were to tell you that the same goes for your Intranet portals? You know, the places you go to search your company’s research papers, clinical […]

Top 5 Life Sciences Blog Posts From July 2015

  Now that August is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in July – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. 

A Quick Look At Google Search For Work

Photo Credit: Maglara / My colleague, Beth Martin, wrote a great blog post today about the benefits of using Google Search for Work. What is Google Search for Work, you ask? Think of it as using Google to search the Internet, except that you search your company’s systems instead. Take a look at the infographic below, which […]