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How InsiteCommerce 4.1 is Changing the Online Shopping Landscape

shutterstock_289585190_350What is InsiteCommerce?

eCommerce is the fastest-growing online business sector nowadays. You have millions of shopping portals where you can get almost every type of product of any brand you like. eCommerce makes our lives easy as it allows you to purchase the product of your choice from your place instead of visiting different stores to get things of your choice. But using an eCommerce site, and building or managing it, are two sides of a single coin. Building ecommerce site is not that easy as it looks while using.
It is said that, “necessity is mother of invention.” And it becomes necessity to have something that can empower your online eCommerce business.
InsiteCommerce has a power to grow your eCommerce business. Let’s go step-by-step with the features and challenges of online business and how we can enhance and simplify those features with the help of InsiteCommerce to grow business ROA.
InsiteCommerce is one of the leading .Net based eCommerce frameworks for B2B and B2C businesses. It has a scalable, robust architecture and deep integration capabilities. Last December, InsiteSoft released new version of Insite framework which is more scalable and robust and has deep integration capabilities.
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What’s New in InsiteCommerce 4.1

The market saw the introduction of Insite 4.1 version last year released by Insite. And this eCommerce framework has proven to be a good framework for B2B eCommerce business in today’s world. Let us begin with a discussion on the technical review of Insite 4.1 Version.
InsiteSoft has introduced many new architecture changes in InsiteCommerce 4.1, for instance:

  1. Fast and easy upgrades
  2. REST APIs allow for easy integration into any application or device
  3. Excellent website performance
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improvement
  5. Latest Technology like
    1. TypeScript – strongly typed JavaScript
    2. Anagular JS
    3. MVC 5.0 framework and web API

Architecture 4.1 Overview

Excellent website performance

InsiteCommerce 4.1 introduced ETag Caching, Browser caching mechanism to improve Insite performance. In InsiteCommerce 4.1 each request is send as async which improves initial page load.

Performance comparison for InsiteCommerce 3.6, 3.7 and 4.1 Version up to 500 concurrent users
Everyone wants his application to attract and engage with customers. Our plans should be converting more users into customers. To reduce website latency and increase customer satisfaction, you need speed and throughput. You need to cut hardware resource consumption in order to increase the ROI of your existing and future server investment. Testing revealed that InsiteCommerce 4.1 outperforms 3.6 and 3.7 in speed, memory usage, and resource utilization. In many cases, such as maximum orders per hour and I/O improvements, the improvements are dramatic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improvement

InsiteCommerce 4.1 introduces lots of Search Engine Optimization support as part of framework which helps to design and integrate SEO rapidly in ecommerce site. Following new features are added in InsiteCommerce 4.1 to support SEO.

  • Replace special characters from website URLs and replace them with SEO friendly characters
  • Product canonicalization to create a single SEO friendly version of a website URL
  • Microsite canonicalization to allow/prevent microsite canonicalization
  • Customizable 404 pages from the ISC Site builder
  • Sitemap generation to generate a sitemap for both product and website content pages
  • Sitemap settings user interface that allows users to manage Sitemap settings

InsiteCommerce has become the most popular eCommerce platform, changing the online shopping landscape in the process. InsiteCommerce 4.1 put an unparalleled combination of flexibility, power, and affordability to company that wants to sell online. InsiteCommerce is used by many leading companies to design robots B2B and B2C ecommerce site. It is fully integrated with leading ERP, PIM, CRM and Web Content Management systems. We will discuss more about InsiteCommerce capability, robustness and Integration in next couple of articles.

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