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Vaibhav Warhadpande

My name is Vaibhav Warhadpande, and I Work at Perficient as Senior Technical Architect on the following products/technologies: Optimizley CMS, Insite Commerce, Sitecore, ASP.Net E-commerce application, I am Sitecore certified developer and worked mostly on CMS and E-Commerce application development

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Optimizely Content Delivery API

Optimizely Content Delivery API To build Optimizely pages and blocks on a website, we use C# MVC razor helpers in the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS). Now, we can utilize CMS in a headless manner using the Optimizely Content Delivery API, meaning that all pages and blocks are produced by reading JSON data returned from […]

How InsiteCommerce 4.1 is Changing the Online Shopping Landscape

What is InsiteCommerce? eCommerce is the fastest-growing online business sector nowadays. You have millions of shopping portals where you can get almost every type of product of any brand you like. eCommerce makes our lives easy as it allows you to purchase the product of your choice from your place instead of visiting different stores […]