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Businessman Manager Using Tablet Check And Control For Workers With Modern Trade Warehouse Logistics. Industry 5.0 Concept

Perficient, Adobe, and IBM Discuss How Supply Chain Modernization Has Become a Top Priority

BWG recently hosted a panel discussion with Perficient, Adobe, and IBM regarding business outcomes related to supply chain modernization. The significant increase and focus on eCommerce coupled with the recent news of the Adobe Commerce and IBM Sterling Order Management partnership brought these teams together to focus on supply chain modernization and prioritization. In the […] Resizeimage (2)

Why Instagram’s New Shopping Icon Is Changing Ecommerce Forever

Earlier this summer, Instagram started testing a new feature by adding in a shopping icon, replacing the legacy activity feed icon. I have yet to see this feature on my personal Instagram account until this morning. While Instagram has recently released its new “reels” feature, this new step to replace the activity feed with the […]

Delivery Man Is Ringing The Bell To Deliver Two Cardboard Boxes

COVID and Commerce: Why a Pandemic Will Compel B2B Businesses to Adopt B2C Models

In a previous blog, Digitally Catering to New Customers Post-COVID, I explored the impact COVID has had and is continuing to have on B2B healthcare organizations, specifically in areas such as commerce and site traffic for organizations that sell health/wellness products. I mentioned that there were two scenarios I can see unfolding as COVID continues […]

Online Shopping Perficient Featured Image 1600

Your Ecommerce Customers Are About to Change

There has been a lot of talk about what the ‘new normal’ will look like in a post-Covid world. Some are saying we may always have to wear masks on planes, while others are saying sports and concert venues will look drastically different. The future is often hard to predict, but I believe there is […]

Elegant Gold Background For Christmas And Other Celebrations

Perficient Wins IAC Award for Best Consumer Goods Website

Perficient is proud to help our clients provide elevated customer experiences and improve business processes, so it’s great when the work we do for our clients is recognized by leading industry experts. We’re excited to announce that the new B2C site we built for Benchmade Knives was named Best Consumer Goods Website by the Internet […]

Tim Mossholder Sxb8stmtfaw Unsplash

How Digital Solutions Help You Reach Customers in Times of Need

Some business disruptions can be planned for— material shortages, natural disasters, compliance or fulfillment roadblocks. But what about the obstacles we don’t see coming? The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every business in the world in some way or another, and in the face of such an unprecedented global crisis, many are […]

E Is For Engagement

E is for Engagement

Knowing about a users engagement helps us understand their “readiness” and can inform messaging strategies.

C Is For Conversion

C is for Conversion

Conversions are actions that users take on calls-to-action and are critical to informing how well your site and content are performing. Resizeimage 2019 06 03t111123.363

3 Reasons Why You Need an Order Management System

Personalized order orchestration services have organizations re-examining the fulfillment cycle, and it’s imperative to be agile in supporting both B2C and B2B customers and their expectations. An order management (OM) solution can help you deliver that exceptional experience, improve internal performance, and streamline processes to be more efficient. Streamlined for Synergy The OM system is […]

5 Tips for Strong Partnerships During the Holidays for Omni-channel Retailers

‘Christmas in July’ isn’t just a promotional sales tactic in mid-July to boost customer engagement, or a 1940’s movie title. In my experience, it stands for the prime month to kickoff combined efforts of a retailer’s cross-functional teams in researching and strategizing an action plan to execute a more successful omni-channel holiday sales season. Brick-and-mortar […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017: Measuring Content Performance

The continuous evolution of digital channels has drastically shaped the customer experience and raised the bar for customer expectations. As we approach a new year, we’ll take a closer look at the top six digital marketing trends to watch. Trend #1 – Measuring content marketing performance will surpass the importance of content management Content management has […]

How a Business Case Lays the Foundation for Commerce Growth

The digital commerce landscape is highly competitive and estimated to continue growing rapidly for B2C and B2B in the coming years. $3.5 trillion forecast for B2C eCommerce by 2019 (eMarketer) $1 trillion forecast for B2B eCommerce by 2020 (Forrester) While this is a prime opportunity for B2C and B2B companies, the brands that deliver exceptional […]

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