Why Use Informatica for Cloud Data Management

Cloud data management is a critical component to the effectiveness of your big data and analytics program. But you need the right tool and not all data management tools are optimized for cloud. There are six reasons on why customers use Informatica Cloud Data Management:

1. Agility and time to value:

Informatica has done well to bring its market-leading data integration, data quality, and master data management tools (Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for 6 years) in the hands of non-technical users to empower them with data-driven decision making.

2. Cost savings through cloud delivery:

Informatica is moving into a usage-based licensing model which can give organizations the choice of cost based on necessity.

3. Moving to cloud-based applications:

As many industries are moving towards cloud-based applications such as Marketo, Veeva, and Concur, Informatica is providing a platform to integrate with these applications providing its
market-leading data management capabilities.

4. New use cases and users:

A couple of decades ago, the concept of Enterprise Data Warehouse was created around integration of disparate data and silos of data getting built with MS Access and Excel databases. Cloud-based data management empowers business users to build their own data sets from disparate data to build meaningful, business-driven use cases to enforce data-driven organizational culture with a centralized, metadata-driven repository.

5. Security and manageability:

Informatica’s emphasis on security is clear on their data-masking solution. Their technology is HIPAA, ISO, and SOX compliant.

6. Social media compatibility:

Informatica cloud management is compatible with mobile, social, and global solutions.

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If these priorities align with your organization’s for your cloud program, Informatica might be the right tool for managing your data in the cloud as well.

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  1. As the world is moving towards the cloud services these days,informatica is a very reputed name in this field because of its agility, flexibility and the services they are providing to their customers.They are doing outstanding work in cloud data management and are very much concerned about the security of the client’s data with the help of data masking technology.Just like informatica many reputed companies amazon,tailend and diyotta are also providing cloud data management services.Thanks arvind for providing such an informational blog and i am sure that this information will help people who are working in this field.

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