Perficient’s Microsoft Practice is Ready to ‘Rise’ and Shine

Agility in any marketplace requires a willingness to evolve. With the acquisition of Rise Foundation, Perficient’s Microsoft practice is positioned to create, market, and sell products of its own.
Rise Foundation is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that transforms SharePoint for Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 on-premises into an easy-to-use intranet or portal for the business user. But Perficient did not just pick up the application; it acquired the product development team as well. This allows Perficient to develop and support the product in ways that add value to the company’s core services business.
“We have been working with clients to make the most of their investments in Microsoft technology on their own digital transformation journeys, and adding Rise Foundation to our portfolio provides a way to expedite that,” said Matt Morse, General Manager, Microsoft Modern Apps business unit.
Among Rise Foundation’s notable qualities:

  • It makes SharePoint portals easy-to-use and reduces the time and cost of design processes.
  • It provides a native responsive design to deliver great experiences to mobile devices.
  • It provides out-of-the-box features that reduce the need for customization, such as news publishing, professional branding, and social feed integration.
  • It can be paid for through a per-user subscription that allows buyers to operationalize the cost of their portal projects.

“In an increasingly competitive and cost-conscious world, we are doing everything we can to provide ready-built intranet solutions for our customers, leveraging SharePoint in the cloud,” said Matt McGillen, Vice President of Perficient’s Microsoft practice.
Thanks to Rise Foundation, Perficient is positioned to include its own applications on the product roadmap for next year, which will add value and open a path for the company to take Perficient-developed solutions to market.

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