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BIG Data and APIs

It is no secret that Big Data is involved daily with social engagement, advertising, mobile applications, and business intelligence in today’s enterprise. As much data that an enterprise would like to receive from customers, even more data needs to be ingested from the cloud, commerce sites, transactions, social feeds, geo-locations and on. In between the consumers of data, and the target endpoint for data lies the API platform to tie Big Data and the back end together. The digestion of data begins with the end product communicating with the back end of your service. An API platform creates a universal language between two foreign ends to integrate your devices, and data mine patterns from your end points.


What is Big Data

Big Data receives the name from the large amount of processing power required to manage the terabytes, or exabytes of data flowing through systems. This all revolves around numerous transactions for various departments. Big Data is received in structured or unstructured formats in large volumes, varieties, and speeds.

Big Data Characteristics:

  • Analyzed with Complex Algorithms
  • Provides discernible patterns overtime
  • Used for predictive Analysis

The data collection is easy as all customers, or devices, become collection points. The investment lies in how you integrate and design APIs into your enterprise with multiple incoming channels. A well designed API with access to all your customer channels provides the organization of data to feed your algorithms. The end result allowing your organization to realize consumer patterns, and help predict the customers next move.



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