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3 Considerations Detailed for Implementing IoT Projects

Gartner’s webinar by Alfonso Velosa discussing “Best Practices for Implementing IoT Projects” brought up great points on the current environment for Internet of Things. Some of the points can be utilized for any project that involve enterprise solutions; although some extra details which are IoT centric are key to understanding the current environment, and implementation plans. […]

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5 Criteria to Consider for an Internet of Things Platform

In the current market research trend there a leaders across various IoT industries setting trends for how companies can start utilizing IoT, and how. Current leaders in the Internet of Things platform market consist IBM, PTC, GE, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. How do you choose a platform for your company? Consider this criteria: Connectivity: […]

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How Will the Internet of Things Use Blockchain?

The most common association with Blockchain is Bitcoin – for this article Bitcoin is strictly a currency for transactions, but not the main focus. If you do you want more information on Bitcoin, this post, What is Bitcoin?, can give you more context. This article will focus on Blockchain in a decentralized ecosystem, and the functionalities […]

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Mulesoft IoT – 3 Capabilities that Enable Your Strategy

MuleSoft positions as a leader in many of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants. The two most relevant are Enterprise Integration and API Management where MuleSoft sits in the Leader quadrant among few vendors. These commendations prove that MuleSoft has the capabilities to support trends such as Internet of Things with the MuleSoft Exchange connector market, cloud and […]

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Top Takeaways from CA World 2016

CA World 2016 was truly a great event this year. My first year in attendance and I was amazed at the level of organization, and presence of CA employees from all organizational hierarchies.  There were great booths for technical presentations of CA products, and information sessions for what is coming next. My main focus is […]

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How CA Enables Internet of Things – CA MAS & IoT

  Internet of Things are trending, these things are everywhere.  Two big questions being asked are has how can Internet of Things be used in our business, and what will enable Internet of Things. If you are a current customer of CA, or not,  there is a new product out that can enabled your enterprise for […]

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Enterpise IoT – Considerations and Architecture,  1 of ∞

  Welcome to the Internet of Things series aligning to Enterprise introduction of smart devices! Skipping the introduction to “What is IoT?”, as this has become a buzz word that has many meanings, and utilities, we will focus on the following foundation: How to select hardware, protocols, and create a hub network to stream data […]

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What I Learned on Day 2 of the I LOVE APIs Conference

The third day, and last, of the I Love APIs conference is today! “Day 3” starts strong with two keynotes, and continues to Developer, IT, and Strategy forums. What is I Love APIs? Go here for a run down of the conference by Alexandra Haefele: How to Get the Most Out of the I Love APIs 2015 […]

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What I Learned on Day 1 of the I LOVE APIs Conference

The second day, called “Day 1” here at I Love APIs begins the speaker series for Strategy, Developer, and IT forums. What is I Love APIs? Go here for a run down of the conference by Alexandra Haefele: How to Get the Most Out of the I Love APIs 2015 Conference 10:30 AM A late start to […]

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What I Learned on Day 0 of the I Love APIs Conference

Follow me @prftarvin! This will be updated hourly. Today is the first day of I Love APIs in San Jose, CA. The force is strong with everyone here, and the API energy is vibrant – even before the coffee station was out. Day 0 is a major workshop day with: Foundational Topics in Apigee Edge Advanced Topics […]

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BIG Data and APIs

It is no secret that Big Data is involved daily with social engagement, advertising, mobile applications, and business intelligence in today’s enterprise. As much data that an enterprise would like to receive from customers, even more data needs to be ingested from the cloud, commerce sites, transactions, social feeds, geo-locations and on. In between the […]

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How APIs are Saving Lives

  Scenario 1: A runner is out for an early workout taking the isolated forest trail when all of a sudden is feeling out of breath, tightening chest, and falls to the ground. The runner just had a heart attack with no one around. Beforehand, the runner decided to become proactive in the future of […]

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Why APIs are the driver of IoT

APIs are the gateway to accessing Internet of Things connected devices, and server as the bridge between the Internet and Things. APIs are the invaluable driver for IoT to evolve, where APIs provide access to the mesh of web services that are required for IoT to be useful and operate. APIs provide a following important […]

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Why the CMO needs API Management

Digital transformation is already taking place outside of your environment. Is your company a part of it? Marketing has evolved to become immersed with technology to where the traditional CMO role is becoming immersed with various with technologies. CMOs are digital leaders that have the power to push company-wide transformation into their technologies, and API […]

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