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World’s Best-Selling Medical Textbook Is Now Digital Only



The Merck Manual, first published in 1899 and one of the most widely used and comprehensive set of medical resources for professionals and consumers, has finally decided to stop printing paper versions of the book. Editor-in-Chief of The Merck Manual, Dr. Robert S. Porter, summed up their motivation for the transition nicely:

“There will be no further print editions. Publishing a printed book every five years and sending reams of paper around the world on trucks, planes, and boats is no longer the optimal way to provide medical information.” 

The switch to digital will entail free (previously cost $80 for a printed version) access to interactive websites published in 10 different languages, as well as a mobile app in English. According to Dr. Porter, the switch to digital will also enable Merck Manual’s expert-written information to be found via search results.

The digital transformation that The Merck Manual is going through can only help educate more readers and continue their long tradition of being a leader in the medical community.

If you have a curious mind, take a look at their video library of medical procedures. It’s not something you see every day.

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