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5 leading-edge releases from Informatica in 2015

Last week, Informatica hosted their annual world conference in Las Vegas, NV.  The title of the conference was “All Things Data”.  There were over 2,500 attendees at the conference, which included Informatica employees, partners, and clients.  There were four days of business and technical breakout sessions with a variety of topics from Big Data, Cloud, MDM, and client project use cases and best practices.  There were also many hands-on sessions about existing Informatica products and tools.  At the keynote general session CEO Sohaib Abbasi spoke of several new, exciting, and leading edge releases Informatica is introducing this coming year and their commitment to continue to be a leader in the data integration space.

Listed below are 5 releases mentioned at the conference:

  • Powercenter – Dynamically updated mappings when a source changes
  • Rev – Auto map business requirements to Informatica mappings
  • MDM – Available on Hadoop
  • Live Data Map – An enterprise metadata catalog
  • Secure@source – Auto identify sensitive data

From the list above we can see that Informatica continues to make improvements in their core toolset like Powercenter, MDM, Big data, as well as adding new tools like Secure@source, Live Data Map, and the new data prep tool called Rev to help their clients in all types of data integration efforts.


During the conference Informatica also hosted 3 days of sales sessions where they gave their partners an opportunity to setup booths and market their offerings to existing Informatica customers.  The Perficient Informatica team talked with many existing and potential clients at the conference and during the sales sessions.  We talked about our current Informatica offerings and how we are partnering with Informatica in many different industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail.

We see real momentum happening between Perficient and Informatica and we look forward to a great year ahead.

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