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Report Generation And E2B Transmission Tracking In Argus Safety



In our last post on Argus Safety features, we talked about the tracking of ICSRs. For today’s post, we’ll highlight reporting in Argus Safety.

Entering the parameters to run a report is very intuitive because the parameters match all of the dropdown lists that legacy Oracle users are already familiar with. 



When it comes to the E2B transmission screen in Argus Safety, you can see where the E2B report is along the transmission process.

E2B-transmission-screen-Argus Safety


If a problem occurs at any time, you can see exactly what it is, as problems are color-coded red or yellow. You can also see the error or warning messages that are associated with those color-coded differences.

This feature is typically a requirement for most of our implementation projects, as E2B transmission becomes more important and regulations change.

Check back with us shortly to read what we have to say about the dashboards in Argus Safety! To read past posts in our Argus Safety features series, click here.

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